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Gemini HoN Guide

Heroes of Newerth - Gemini Hero Guide
This is a HoN hero guide for Gemini.

HoN name: Gemini
Dota 2 hero equivalent: None
Affiliation: Hellbourne
Primary Attribute: Agility

HoN Gemini Guide

HoN Lore - Gemini:
While fire and ice are typically conflicting elements which negate each other, they are harnessed as one in Gemini. A powerful elemental creature bathed in frost and ember, Gemini confuses foes as contradiction incarnate. Few know - and yet fewer understand - Gemini's origins, but it has been rumored that he is actually a fusion of two separate entities.
Fire and Ice! Winter is coming!

Gemini HoN Hero Video Guide:

HoN Gemini Skills Guide

Gemini Skill 1: Twin Breath (Q)
Gemini spews out a cone of flame and frost, pelting nearby fools with elemental fury

Gemini Skill 2: Twin Fangs (W)
Gemini splits his fire and ice essences, allowing each to streak forth before explosively recombining

Gemini Skill 3: Twin Strike (E)
When Gemini strikes, his whirling dance of fire and ice whips out at the target, effectively striking again.

Gemini Skill 4: Fire and Ice (R)
Gemini reveals that he is truly a combination of two elemental entities, Fire and Ice, and reverts to his basic state of two forms.

HoN Gemini Strategy Guide

Gemini Skill Build

1 - Twin Fangs
2 - Twin Breath
3 - Twin Breath
4 - Twin Fangs
5 - Twin Breath
6 - Fire and Ice
7 - Twin Breath
8 - Twin Fangs
9 - Twin Fangs
10 - Twin Strike
11 - Twin Strike
12 - Twin Strike
13 - Twin Strike
14 - Fire and Ice
15 - Stats
16 - Fire and Ice
17 to 25 - Stats

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  1. can you make the his ulti like padaren in dota.. splut in 2 but dont die when one is killed. its better than that...

  2. gemini is so cool when his fire and ss dies.. because when it hon copied to pandaren; it has now time limits on his ss.... its cool to be like that... hope nothings gonna change for gemini!! this hero was so cool.. its my perfect hero... it makes my KDA rate so high!!!!

  3. Primary Attribute: Hellborn? lol.


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