Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dota 2 Beta Key Event 1 - Facebook Event: Dota 2 Beta Key Number 1
The first Dota 2 beta key event will be via Facebook.

Dota 2 Facebook

The first Dota 2 beta key from the Neutral Creeps will be given to the person with the best answer to the question:

"Why do you want to get in the Dota 2 beta?"
Submit your answer to the status message as a comment.

Contest Guidelines:
* The entry with the MOST NUMBER OF LIKES may get our attention but that does not mean we will pick it. But having a lot of likes does not hurt. Asking your friends to like your comment is allowed.

* Answers must be in ENGLISH. It does not have to be in perfect English. As long as the message is conveyed, it will be accepted.

* Submit only ONE ENTRY. If you have posted different entries, you will be automatically disqualified from this Dota 2 beta key giveaway.

If you have any questions regarding the first event, please post a comment.

Dota 2 Beta Key Results

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  1. i didn't buy HoN for no reason. i like the specific genre the game has created, and i want the latest.

  2. When will the winner be announced?

  3. Good luck to everyone!

  4. When will the winner be announced?[2]

  5. I could never get into Dota in WC3 because i always get banned in lobby for never playing it before, but always looked like an interesting game. Now Dota2 is out. :)

  6. Hope my entry is at least read! I put a lot of time and effort into it [:

  7. Check out Zakwan Khidzir post there. It's mine. Really need this Beta key so i could send my feedback to valve team. Really appreciate it.

  8. when will the winner be announced?

  9. I thought your facebook page was an official dota page and spent literally 4 hours posting links to it in hundreds of HoN channels and live streams...only to find out that it is not an official page for DotA...And that it is not suggesting how lots of people can get keys :(

    -niltech @ heroes of newerth

  10. @Niltech

    We contacted the people who own the page and gave them a bunch of keys to give away since they've been very supportive of our site since the beginning.

    While their contest is legit, it is not a Neutralcreeps contest. We have our own giveaway.

  11. When the contest end ??
    when will the winner be announced?

  12. well i love the fact that dota2 is out, i played dota in wc3 so much all the time i missed school,stayed up late played all the time, then hon the beta came out, and i liked it so i played so much hon that you can imagine i still play i bught the game and i play hon whit my friends and brother, anyways why do i want the Dota2 Beta key? becouse i got an youtube channel where i play all kind of games, and i would like to compare hon to dota2 and how they both are growing , Thats why i want the key, to show it to my fans and compare it to Hon And LOL,! I really want to win this:)

    Greet: Evis

  13. So was this just abandoned?

  14. I have a question regarding this contest- when will the key(s) be given out or when does said contest end?

  15. has anyone been contacted back about when the contest will end?

  16. When will the contest end?

  17. Well, I'm glad gave us info in regards to when this contest will end- oh wait, they didn't. Good job on their part as to lying about the giveaway and just getting an insane amount of traffic to their Facebook and Twitter. gg

  18. Hopefully I get dota 2 beta key


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