Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway Results

Dota 2 Beta Key Results

In celebration of the Anniversary, we have given the following readers the opportunity to get into the Dota 2 beta.

Welcome to the Dota 2 beta, gentlemen.
Event 1:
Why do you want to get into the Dota 2 Beta? (Facebook)
1 Winner:
Mr. Ubuntu

Event 2:
Guess the DotA hero. (rdota2)
1 Winner:

Event 3: *
What is your favorite DotA hero? (Facebook)
5 Winners:
SolarClipz (United States)
Grandcrown (Singapore)
Resurreccion (Canada)
Stacrew (Greeece)
FatalityShadow (Malaysia)

*We sponsored the Play DotA All-Stars Clan Facebook beta key giveaway.
We'll give more away once we get a fresh batch of Dota 2 beta keys.

Credits: IceFrog, Dota Project and Valve Corporation

To get a chance at more Dota 2 beta keys:
You may join the ongoing PlayDota Draw.
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  1. Tooo bad I didn't win! :(

  2. i am to late plzz give 1 beta key for me want to test Love chicken XD

  3. hey i need beta key!

  4. i need but i need dotA 2 Key

  5. HOw to get beta key ..?

  6. Me too I need beta key..

  7. I hope someone give me a spare key


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