Monday, September 19, 2011

Dota 2 Quotes

This is a compilation of Dota 2 hero quotes.
One Dota quote will be attributed to each hero.

Dota 2 quotes:

The Radiant Heroes

Strength Heroes
Beastmaster: I die feral, as I lived.
Brewmaster: Drink and be bleary, for tomorrow we die.
Clockwerk: I have a degree in mechanical domineering!
Dragon Knight: Live by the sword, die by the dragon.
Earthshaker: They call me the Fissure Man!
Kunkka: Now that was a fail boat.
Omniknight: Fear nothing
Sven: It's Rogue Knight, it's not rouge knight.
Treant Protector:

Agility Heroes
Anti-Mage: I renew my oath to defeat all sorceries!
Bounty Hunter:
Drow Ranger: I quiver with anticipation!
Lone Druid:
Mirana: I hope no one here is defeat.
Morphling: You're washed up!
Riki: If you can see me, you're already dead.
Sniper: Boom! Headshot.
Vengeful Spirit: My vengeance is in readiness...

Intelligence Heroes
Crystal Maiden:
Nature's Prophet:
Ogre Magi:
Tinker: It's probably not a problem... probably.
Windrunner: Why do you hate gingers so...
Zeus: Man proposes, god disposes.

The Dire Heroes

Strength Heroes
Axe: There is no team in Axe.
Doom Bringer:
Night Stalker: I die a little every morning.
Pudge: You'll look good with an apple in yer mouth!
Sand King:
Skeleton King: I have no use for an exoskeleton!
Slardar: Clear as clean water.
Spirit Breaker:
Tidehunter: Time to make waves.

Agility Heroes
Bloodseeker: Don't be negative, be positive!
Broodmother: Like mother, like spiders.
Faceless Void: I have seen how this war ends.
Spectre: You speak not the speech of the Ascendants.
Venomancer: Keep your enemies close, and your antidotes closer.
Viper: You failed the acid test.
Weaver: I'm sensing a pattern here.

Intelligence Heroes
Bane: I dreamt a field of war...and woke to find myself upon it.
Death Prophet
Invoker: Sonic Boom!
Lion: I've been to hell and back and back to hell and back!
Outworld Destroyer: Small minds are quickly broken.
Queen of Pain: What a pain in the aaaaaaaaaa!

What is your favorite Dota 2 quote?

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  1. Bounty Hunter: You can't fight what you can't see.

  2. Alchemist: I'm greedy, for better war...

  3. Lone Druid: Nature is not for the weak


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