Friday, April 22, 2011

Smite Announced by Hi-Rez Studios

Smite enters the Free To Play Dota Genre Market

Alpharetta, Georgia
- Hi-Rez Studios has announced Smite, a free to play online Dota based game influenced with ancient mythology from all over the world. Players will be able to choose from various gods as they battle it out in scenarios that involve strategy and teamwork.

From the makers of Global Agenda

“With SMITE, we draw inspiration from DotA-style RTS titles, but leverage the Unreal 3 Engine to introduce original action oriented combat mechanics, great graphics, and a mythology-themed setting. These session-based games depend upon balanced class design, sophisticated stat-tracking, and matchmaking functionality."
--Todd Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Hi-Rez Studios

Smite will employ a third-person camera instead of the traditional RTS perspective used prominently in the Dota genre.

About Hi-Rez Studios
Hi-Rez Studios is a video game developer based outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
It was established back in 2005.

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