Saturday, February 12, 2011

Become a Heroes of Newerth Beta Tester

Kalamazoo, Michigan - Last January 2011, Garena released 5000 Garena HoN beta keys to expand the number of beta testers for the free to play version of Heroes of Newerth.

S2 Games is currently looking for dedicated beta testers for their award-winning Dota genre title, Heroes of Newerth.

What is a Heroes of Newerth Super Beta Tester?
A HoN beta tester takes part in the testing of new HoN patches and content in a semi-competitive environment before they are released to the general public. Heroes of Newerth beta testers help uncover bugs and balance issues to make sure that the Heroes of Newerth patches that go live are ready for prime time.

What are the HoN Beta Tester Requirements?
* Available to play 1 to 2 test games per night during peak testing phases.
(Anytime between 14:00-0:00 GMT-5)

* Has the ability to provide clear and concise feedback: an emphasis on logical reasoning, sound game mechanics knowledge and English writing skills.

* Must be able to excel in semi-competitive HoN games with a high-degree of skill, in addition to a solid knowledge of all hero-types and player-roles.

Note: After the initial review phase, each applicant will participate in a "Trial" weekend, where their skills will be tested in-game.

To become a HoN Beta Tester, fill out the application form below:
Join the HoN beta testing team.

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