Saturday, January 15, 2011

FnaticMSI - Heroes of Newerth World Cup Champions

1st GosuGamers Steelseries HoN World Cup: Fnatic MSI wins

Malmö, Sweden - Fnatic has won the 1st HoN World Cup by winning over SK Gaming in the Grand Final 3-0. 10000 USD will be given to FnaticMSI for becoming champions while SK Gaming will be taking home 5000 USD for getting second place.

FNATIC - HoN World Cup Champions

HoN World Cup Grand Final Results
Game 1:
Result: Default FnaticMSI win. Winners' Bracket Winners Get +1 win.

Game 2: (Match ID: 26597838)
SK Gaming (Legion)
[SK] Fogged used Hellbringer
[SK] Tralfamadore used Bubbles
[SK] AngryTestie used Flint Beastwood
[SK] Bdiz used Myrmidon
[SK] CarDinaL used Behemoth

MSI (Hellbourne)
[MSI] Fly used Accursed
[MSI] NoVa_ used Voodoo Jester
[MSI] Trixi used Soul Reaper
[MSI] N0tail used Pollywag Priest
[MSI] Freshpro used Wild Soul

Game Duration: 57 minutes 17 seconds
Result: FnaticMSI wins

Game 3: (Match ID: 26604552)
MSI (Legion)
[MSI] Fly used Dampeer
[MSI] NoVa_ used Glacius
[MSI] N0tail used Soul Stealer
[MSI] Trixi used Electrician
[MSI] Freshpro used Myrmidon

SK Gaming (Hellbourne)
[SK] Tralfamadore used Bubbles
[SK] Fogged used Andromeda
[SK] AngryTestie used Sand Wraith
[SK] Bdiz used Voodoo Jester
[SK] CarDinaL used Pollywag Priest

Game Duration: 53 minutes 36 seconds
Result: FnaticMSI wins. Takes the HoN World Cup Crown.

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