Saturday, December 4, 2010

Star Battle (Starcraft 2 custom Map)

Star Battle (Starcraft 2 UMS)

The Starcraft 2 map making community has been showing the capabilities of the Galaxy Editor with an influx of different types of maps. And from the European Starcraft 2 servers comes forth, Star Battle - a Starcraft 2 UMS built in the tradition of Warcraft 3's BattleShips.

Star Battle
Star Battle is a Starcraft 2 map under the Dota genre.

Star Battle is 6 v 6 Dota map where you select a powerful ship (which can be upgraded) and fight against an opposing team of capital ships and smaller ships. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy mother ship.

For those unfamiliar with the gametype, Star Battle is classified under the Dota genre - a game genre characterized by their similarity to Defense of the Ancients.

Starcraft 2 Map Name: Star Battle
Map Author: zedu
Type: Dota
Availability (Starcraft 2 Servers): EU, US

Fun facts:

-The Dota genre was sparked by Aeon of Strife - a UMS (Use Map Settings) from the original Starcraft game.

-Star Battle was based on the mechanics of the Warcraft 3 custom map called Battleships - another popular Dota map.

Closing Notes:
TotalBiscuit would like to ask, "Do you like lasers?"
Listen to Total Biscuit (Professional Terran SCV Caster) talk about Star Battle.

If you like lasers on your spaceship, then StarBattle is the SC2 custom game for you.

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