Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Starcraft 2 Prepaid Cards Now Available in SEA

Starcraft 2 Time Cards Now Available in SEA (Southeast Asia)

Singapore - The Southeast Asia region has one of the most active Warcraft 3 DotA communities in the world. It is also notorious for rampant piracy. Activision Blizzard's removal of the LAN function (an indirect form of DRM) in Starcraft 2 has stunted the number of Starcraft 2 players in the region. To increase the number of players, Blizzard Entertainment has introduced pre-paid time cards - a popular mode of payment in Southeast Asia. The Starcraft 2 game cards are available in the following denominations: 3 days, 7 days and 30 days. Starcraft 2 DVD Installers are also available.

Starcraft 2 Prepaid Game Cards Prices
*Starcraft 2 DVD starter kits are also available.

Hong Kong and Macau
3-day pass: 8 HKD
7-day pass: 16 HKD
30-day pass: 55 HKD
Starcraft 2 DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass: 30 HKD

3-day pass: 3.50 MYR
7-day pass: 7 MYR
30-day pass: 25 MYR
Starcraft 2 DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass: 12 MYR

3-day pass: 50 PHP
7-day pass: 100 PHP
30-day pass: 350 PHP
Starcraft 2 DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass: 170 PHP

3-day pass: 1.50 SGD
7-day pass: 3 SGD
30-day pass: 10.50 SGD
Starcraft 2 DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass: 5 SGD

3-day pass: 10,000 IDR
7-day pass: 20,000 IDR
30-day pass: 70,000 IDR
Starcraft 2 DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass: 35,000 IDR

3-day pass: 35 THB
7-day pass: 70 THB
30-day pass: 250 THB
Starcraft 2 DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass: 120 THB

The Starcraft 2 SEA community hopes that the time cards and the growing number of Starcraft 2 DotA maps will encourage a huge number of players to make the switch.

Related note:
The popular online DotA game, Heroes of Newerth is published by Garena in SEA as a free to play game. Garena earns revenue through microtransactions via prepaid time cards.

If you enter any problems, you may contact Blizzard SEA Technical Support.
Hong Kong/Macau: 800-900-209
Indonesia: 001-803-015-203-9786
Malaysia: 1-800-815-299
Philippines: 1-800-1-116-1015
Singapore: +65 6885-9168
Thailand: 001-800-13-203-9969
About Starcraft 2
Starcraft 2 is a Real-time strategy video game created by Blizzard Entertainment for Windows and MAC.

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