Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dota Theme Manager

DotA Theme Manager Download
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Ever seen those DotA videos on YouTube where the terrain is different from the usual DotA map? You can now install them on your Warcraft III too!

Roshan rockin' the Barrens DotA theme.

Available DotA terrain themes:

You can download DotA Theme Manager for free below.
Credits: Infrisios ( staff from Germany)

Disclaimer Part 1:
Neutral Creeps does not warranty that the DotA Downloads featured at the website are free of corrupting computer codes, including, but not limited to, viruses, worms and malware. Please proceed with great caution.

DotA Theme Manager Download Links:
Version: DotA Theme Manager v4
Retrieved: November 2010

Dota Theme Manager .rar (hosted at rapidshare)

*Please report any dead links by posting a comment below.

How to install DotA Theme Manager:

1. After downloading the latest version of the DTM (DotA Theme Manager) from one of the links above, unpack them to where your Warcraft III program is located.
Neutral Creeps Tip:
This is mostly found at C:\Program Files\Warcraft III.
2. After unpacking the files at the target folder, please do not be tempted to rename or move the files.
Neutral Creeps Tip:
The path should be "\Warcraft III\DTMV4\".
3. Congratulations! You have successfully applied the Warcraft Theme Manager (other players call it that). In order to run it properly, make sure to close Warcraft III (WC3) or the World Editor before using it.
Neutral Creeps Tip:
For easier access, create a shortcut file of the .exe to your desktop.
Disclaimer Part 2: Neutral Creeps is not affiliated with Any problems encountered with the use of the Dota Theme Manager should be addressed to You may contact the owner via email: infrisios (at)

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