Saturday, August 28, 2010

Multiplay i40 Heroes of Newerth Tournament

The Heroes of Newerth competitive scene is getting bigger and bigger.
This time, UK based website, Multiplay is hosting the 40th insomnia event.

£2,500 is up for grabs just for HoN!

i40 Heroes of Newerth Prize Fund:

£2,500 guaranteed!
Place Percentage of Prize Fund
1st 60%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%

Rules, Format and Scheduling

All those HoN teams joininh will be bound by the i-Series Tournament Code of Conduct. Failure to read these rules will not be accepted as an excuse for not following them.

Tournament Admins

Sengar and another admin TBC.

IRC Channels

This tournament largely relies on IRC to convey continuous updates so please ensure you have a copy installed, and you’re connected to the local IRC server

* #hon.tournament – Tournament announcements and server assignment.

* #hon – The general Heroes of Newerth channel for the i-series event. All Heroes of Newerth admins will be opped.

Please be patient when waiting for a reply as admins may be either in a game/dealing with other issues or away from their desk.

Tournament Signup

This HoN tournament is limited to 64 teams.

Players must have a fully paid booking as a BYOC Participant to enter this tournament.

Signing up as a participant to the event does not guarantee you a place in the tournament.
Players who do not signup either online or on-site by the allotted times will not be allowed to compete.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be played as a 5v5 format, with Group stages leading into double elimination.
The group stages will be single matches.
This is subject to change due to amount of players entering, or time constraints.
Only the official 5v5 map will be used: Forest of Caldavar

Match Scheduling

Starting your match

A player must be ready 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of the match.

The only acceptable excuses for missing the scheduled start of a match are:

* Network failure

* Power failure

Cheating & Exploits

All forms of cheating are strictly prohibited & any player found to be cheating will be dealt with in accordance to the i-Series Tournament Code of Conduct.
Demos & Screenshots

All players must save replays of every match played in the tournament. These will be made available on and used to review for any disputes.

So what are you waiting for, DotA player?
It's time to start familiarizing yourself with Heroes of Newerth - the new esport standard in the DotA genre.

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