Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iCCup now has a DotA ladder

Looking for a new DotA server?
iCCup adds a DotA Ladder!

iCCup is an online gaming league mostly known for its popularity in Starcraft. Recently, however, iCCup has expanded its boundaries to Warcraft III.

iCCup announced yesterday that they will be adding DotA to their ladder. The season is currently in beta and is now playable.

iCCup features an anti-hack program, latency stability via complementary hostbots, and a point system based on players' wins and losses. Additionally, players from every region are allowed to participate in iCCup.

If all goes well this beta season, there is a chance that iCCup will continue its support of DotA with its first season.

So how do I play DotA on iCCup?

1. Make an account on

2. Download the latest DotA map version from here
3. Simply download the Anti-hack launcher, install the launcher, and double click the shortcut on your desktop. Click the Warcraft 3: TFT icon, and press launch game.
4. Select The Abyss (iCCup) from your normal server list, and login to our server using the login name and password you chose on the iCCup website.

How does the iCCup rating scale work?

You begin at iCCup with the ranking of “D” with 1000 points. Winning matches will improve your points rating, and losing matches will do the opposite. Every 1000 points you win, you will improve once step in rank. The ranking system goes from D-, D, D+, C-,C, etc. This is a system long implemented by the Starcraft community to create a well balanced environment for players to play in and find players of similar skill. Detailed chart can be seen here.

Is the Anti-Hack effective?

This 3rd party Anti-Hack software created by the iCCup tech crew is an extremely effective way of deterring hackers from playing on iCCup ladder. By virtually scanning your Wc3 while you play of any 3rd party hacking devices, it ensures hackers will be disconnected or rewarded no points while playing ladder games. This includes programs like Ban list, so please make sure you have these turned off before logging into iCCup, or it is likely you'll be immediately disconnected. If a hacker were to search a ladder game and win – he is rewarded no points for his victory. Also, you can report all hackers you find with attached replay on the iCCup forums!

I've been Tie-Hack/Map Hacked who do I tell?!

Please report all instances of hacking that you believe to the Hack Report section of the iCCup forums with attached replay and why you believe this player was hacking. An admin will review the case and make a judgment based on the evidence given. The more obvious or thorough the evidence, the more likely a player will be banned!

Host bots commands

/hostbots — Shows number of online and free host-bots.

/defaultmap [EN/RU/KR] — Shows/sets map translation.

/host — Creates public game, works only in channel.

/unhost — Deletes your game.

/start — Starts your game, won't work if there are <> — Reserves slot for specified player.

/kick — Kick player from the specified slot.

/close — Closes specified slot.

/open — Opens specified slot.

/closeall — Closes all slots.

/openall — Opens all slots.

/shuffle /sp — Shuffles players.

/swap — Swaps players in the specified slots.

/switch — Same as /swap.

/stats — Shows your ladder stats.

/clearstats YES — Cleares your ladder stats.

/transfer — Transfers your ladder stats to specified account.

There you have it! An alternative to

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