Friday, October 30, 2009

Dota League Cup has been announced

If you're still interested with DotA tournaments and that sort of thing, maybe you ought to check this out, readers of Neutral Creeps.

In order to provide excitement in between seasons of Pick League, Dota-League has announced the first ever Dota-League Cup. With 512 teams participating for the prizes provided by Steelseries, tournament sign-ups starts on October 25th and last until November 8th. The teams will need to be registered on Dota-League first before signing up for Dota-League Cup. Sign ups are now open!

Dota-League Cup - Quick facts

* Teams participating in FARM 4 FAME atm. are not allowed to take part in order to give upcoming clans a chance to prove themselves
* Only registered Players / Clans on Dota-League: Index can participate (register before the sign up is full!)
* About 2 months of 5on5 DotA action!
* Up to 512 teams from all over the world!
* Sign ups from Sunday, 25th October to the 8th November!

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