Sunday, February 15, 2009

DotA League Pick Tournament Team List

After the Masters thing,the Dota-League Pick League has come.
Map used: DotA All-Stars 6.59c
Game modes: -cm
Every week, the team must play one match with each match equal to 2 games.
Plus there will be 2 divisions.

Division one has 12 teams vying for €1000:

Germany's Wicked e-Sports
Germany's diamondZ e. V.
Europe's Kingsurf International
Denmark's Mom equals toilet
Europe's Meet Your Makers.DotA
Czech Republic's eSuba.HAL3000
Europe's SHOP2SHOP
France's Serious Gaming
Sweden's SK-Gaming
Romania's I Got Game
Europe's Xeo Divine .DotA
Poland's D-Link PGS

The Royal rumble starts on February 22th so be ready for some action.
For more information:

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