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DotA Interview with Eryc Kingsurf DotA Manager

KS.DotA manager was recently interviewed regarding Kingsurf DotA and KingSurf international. Here are the results:

Q: Recently, you have brought your team to victory in the DotA-League Masters LAN grand final, what's your first impression of Germany?
Eryc: Thanks, all credit goes to Puppey, KuroKy and the other players. Germany is very cold! I only wore a hoodie but had to walk along the road when it was raining and snowing.

Q: Normally, you communicate with the team through the Internet, so other then Puppey and Jolie, this is the first time you meet the others, how about telling us your first impression of the other players?
Eryc: KuroKy is very well-mannered, but he's naughty naturally. Levent looks like a trust-worthy guy. Miracle seldom talks but he has a good relationship with the team, he can use whatever heroes we ask him to play.

Q: How did you guys prepare yourself for DLM through the boot camp? Is roaming ES(which was used in the grand final match) the idea came out during the Berlin boot camp?
Eryc: Actually, the main purpose of the boot camp is to impart our team play and style to vigoss, and increase the chemistry of him with others. The other four players already have good teamwork. Puppey and I have discussed a lot on helping vigoss to play as a teamplayer in the team.
Unfortunately, it's not vigoss who's coming, but jolie who has given himself a chance, his great attitude was the deciding factor.

Roaming ES is nothing new (at least for us), vigoss's absence was a disappointment, he was informed to apply VISA 3 weeks ago and I have already transferred USD to him. Overall, the Berlin boot camp is more like a friends' gathering that improve the friendship of each others, no special tactical training.
Puppey's tactic is very straight forward, more aggressive then VP style, with early pressure with ganking, and lots more ganking. Kuroky, Levent and Miracle have a good understanding of what Puppey want and executed the instruction well.

Q:Is Puppey the one who comes up with the tactics in or does he come out with the idea and everybody discusses and improves?
Eryc: Puppey came out with the ideas and everybody play a role in improving it, more or less 70% of it is Puppey's thinking but both Kuroky and Levent helps a lot on that. Puppey is also a game commander, and naturally he become the captain of the team, even Jolie was subdued by his ability. During the boot camp, there's this one time when the opponent's tower was very low, Jolie wanted to hit and Puppey stopped him. Kuroky and other players immediately retrieve but Jolie still questioning that. Until a bait-and-kill 2 minutes later, then Jolie understood puppey's mind, and he submitted completely.

Q: Which match is the most unforgettable match during DLM?
Eryc: The last match vs MYM, there was some embarrassing action in early game, mocking by MYM players. But our players were mentality stable and continued their match, eventually with a convincing win. The first major title for, good action in all games, 30min games, what else can i request?

Q: When you guys winning MYM in an easy final, how did you feel? Who's the one most thrilled in the team?
Eryc: Happy, but thinking of the next tournament when happy. Levent is the one most thrilled with a lot of style, you can see through the video.

Q: How you guys celebrate the first champion of
Eryc: Kuroky (got school), Levent and Miracle (rushing for flight) left after one hour, it was left with Puppey, Jolie and myself, so no celebration.

Q: I heard you guys have got many fans in Germany? Do they have any crazy action?
Eryc: Surprisingly, yes we have a lot of fans in Germany! There's this one time when the MC asked for MYM fans, only a little response but when it came to, almost everyone raise up their hands and screamed.
I wasn't aware of that (all speaking in german) until Mooseman translated it to me, it was very touching!

Q: During DLM, you guys know Loda and the relationship seems to have improved. What's your impression of Loda?
Eryc: we are always in good relationship with Loda before that, he came to greet us when he saw us in DLM, he's very friendly. After that both teams were waiting for taxi under rain, we had a lot of fun talks, I'm very happy.

Q: Now, everybody is discussing the issue of Vigoss leaving or not?
Eryc: vigoss is a skilled player, but his teamwork with another 4 is not optimal yet. Actually we wanted to make use of this chance(Berlin bootcamp) to improve but he did not make use of the opportunity. I wonder how the others felt when a first-team player was unable to attend an important event just because he was late in applying VISA? Still I wish to see him playing in the first line up. Though I am myself, a fan of vigoss, I supported him wisely. I gave him many chances but we need his cooperation as well. DotA is a 5-man's game, and I cannot simply support players with big fan-base blindly. What I want are good players, good playing styles and good achievements. Popularity and profit are second to me.

Q: Do you think is one of the best DotA teams currently?
Eryc: If we got a world class ganker + puppey, kuroky, levent, miracle, we can be very strong. We have yet to reach the level that had been scaled by, so it's not the time to talk about being the world's best.

Q: There's very little news on Ks.DotA, lot of china fans caring about the team, any news of the team?
Eryc: after SMM, they had very low morale, so I gave them a long break so they could enjoy their Chinese new year. They will be back next month.

Q: Last shout out?
Eryc: i m proud with, they don't have the star's attitude, they listen to me, trained hard (6~10hours/day), so I am willing to do anything for them. I hope Ks.Dota can make a come back, show us the power of ESWC champion and 1st runner up, create something that's belongs to them. My principle is simple: "dont find excuses for failure, find reasons to be success"
When the team has got problems, I will point it out immediately, I won't keep one eye and tell myself that "I've got an all-star team, they will be very strong". I leave this kind of mindset to losers.

Lastly, thanks everyone for the support, we will repay you with greater performance!

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  1. The shout-out was nice. =)
    And Eryc's reply to "Now, everybody is discussing the issue of Vigoss leaving or not?"

    I added your blog to my Blogroll.


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