Sunday, February 1, 2009

DotA 6.59b Tauren Chieftain Guide

Finally, we are gonna tell you the secrets of finding the secret hero in DotA.
Thanks to our source at the DA named DarkSatyr...
PandaWaffle time and solve the mini mission.

Here's how to do it:
First is to:

Find all 4 Totems:
Fire Totem: Left Sent Base Forest
Earth Totem: Right of the -RD circle
Water Totem: Sent Waterfall (top lane)
Wind Totem: Upper Scourge Base Forest
Note: You need truesight to see them and even they are just shadows really, its hard to pick them up, using the mouse scroll or screen rotation can help

Bring them to the RD circle and use them, the Tauren Chieftain (TC) will spawn, do not engage him yet b/c he is impossible

Find all 4 Icefrogs and move them to the RD circle, which will kill the 4 totems empowering the TC (the frogs will just die upon reaching the circle, making the totem's vulnerable)
Frog A: South of Top Lane Side Shop
Frog B: North of Second Scourge Tower on Top Lane
Frog C: East of First Scourge Lane Tower on Bot Lane
Frog D: South of Bot Lane Side Shop

Use HoTD to dom the frogs and move them to the circle, they are slow as hell so this will take a while.

Kill the totems when they become vulnerable and kill the TC, he has no regen so just DPS him down with whatever combo of heroes you want.

Suggested Heroes:
Furion- For Force of Nature and Teleport make the pre-fight part of the quest easier see the replay where i use him to get all 4 frogs and totems. You can also use Sprout to prevent pushback (see replay)
Stunner/Disabler- We used void in the replay, but apparently Chrono doesn't stop the pushback, so really any hero with a stun will work (except for those who can't target Ancients)
Damage Enhancers/Debuffers- This means Ogre Magi (which fits into the previous category as well)
Lots of Ranged and ONE melee- This will increase DPS b/c heroes wont have to be running back or blinking back at the TC

Suggestion Items:
Anything that makes u go pew-pew

One last note on the fight vs TC: Either stand in the corner or have Furion to give u trees


  1. naix's life steal works on him, and although it doesn't do exactly 7%, it heals naix to full instantly --- in short naix = very good

  2. Nice work naix boy

  3. Is it required to dominate the frogs? or can you just move them in their as neutral passive

  4. You have to move the frog in one by one and after you brought one frog in kill one totem and the next frog and one totem otherwise you can't detroy the wards. When you kill him u gain his bash ability and 200 str from his axe the bash ability you can see him use :P

  5. isnt it possible to store the frogs in the bottle?
    ursa would be good against tc (fury swipes, compare it with roshan pwnge :) )

  6. lol ...i beat it with teror blade and furion only:))

  7. I can't find totems..

  8. Can you do this in 6.60b?

    Can you do this in an online multiplayer game?


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