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Philippine DotA Pick Your Poison Tournament

Ladies and gentlemen, a first in the DotA world will be happening in the Philippines.

If you can make one 5-hero line-up from all the heroes...

What will it be?

Will you choose all the best heroes for your team?

Or will you choose your favorite heroes?

Will you make a line-up that was used by a professional team that you saw (through a replay)?

Or will you create your own unique line-up?

Probably its going to be an easy task right?

But what happens if you were ask to make more than one 5-hero line-up?

Will you put all your best and favorite heroes in one line-up and sacrifice the others?

Or will you balance it for all the line-ups?

Now throw in the fact that your opponent will ultimately choose which line-up you will use...

How will you strategize in making a variety of line-ups that will probably be balance in terms of power and support?

And how will choose your opponent's line-up?

What will you do if you were given this kind of situation?

Utimately you need to "out-think" and "out-strategize" your opponent...

Because if you lose, you "PICK YOUR POISON"!

Paradigm Lan Lab Presents:


WHERE: #317 FBR Arcade Building Ground Floor Katipunan Avenue Loyola Heights Q.C. (Look for a Yellow Cab restaurant along Katipunan Ave., it is inside that building)

EXACT LOCATION: It is infront of Ateneo De Manila University

WHEN: March 1, 2009 Sunday; *TAKE NOTE* 11 AM call time

JOINING PROCEDURES: This tournament is now "OPEN" to anyone who would to join.

Registration: P500 + Loser's Pay per team
- I will only accomodate 16 teams in this tournament

5 on 5

Single Elimination


Champion: P8,000
2nd Place: P2,000
- All the registration fees will be set as the champion's prize (16 teams X P500 registration fee = P8,000 Prize). I will not take anything from the registration fee.
- The P2,000 2nd place cash prize will come from the loser's pay.

Game Rules:

*TAKE NOTE*DotA "Pick Your Poison" Tournament Rules:
- Each team (A and B) will make 2 line-ups in the 1st round (3 line-ups in the 2nd round, 4 line-ups in the semis, 5 line-ups in the finals).
- Teams can put any heroes they want in the said line-up provided that they cannot put a specific hero in both or all line-ups and you can't have 2 same specific hero in one line-up.
- Once both teams (A and B) finish planning and making the line-ups, they will pass their line-ups to the arbiter/organizer.
- The arbiter/organizer will give Team A's 2 line-ups to Team B and vice versa.
- Then Team B will then choose what Team A will use from the 2 line-ups Team A made and vice versa.
- In the next round, the winning team will make another sets of line-ups (3 line-ups in the 2nd rd), again they can use any hero they want and put it in their line-ups provided they follow the same rules as to no same speicific hero in 2 or all line-ups.
- The finals will be a best of 3 match. Each team will make a total of 5 line-ups and at least 2 (3 if there will be a game 3 match) line-ups will be used in the finals.

TAKE NOTE*Winner of the toss coin will only choose which side they will play.

TAKE NOTE*All the matches will be in -ap mode but in case both teams have 2 (or more) same heroes on their line-ups, then the match will be -apdu.

TAKE NOTE*As of this writing, the VERSION THAT WILL BE USE IN THE TOURNAMENT IS 6.59. But if ever there is a change in version, I will update this asap.

*Sharing is permitted as long as the game allows (WCG Asian Championship rule):

*All heroes are usable in the tournament as of this writing. There will be no banning of heroes in this particular tournament.

*There won't be any item restrictions as of this writing.

*Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese cannot be drop nor pass on to teammates even if a players gets it.

*As of this writing, all matches will impose a no backdoor rule.

*Bugs Exploitation (Penalty or Game Loss): No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during play. Explanations like 揺xploiting/activating the bug unknowingly�, 搘e had no idea this bug existed� or similar excuses will not be entertained. Participants/Teams are expected to know what these are.

*In case a bug/glitch has been abused, pause the game and notify the arbiter. He will review and decide if that said team has broken the rule and may subject to a penalty/disqualification.

*Regarding fatal errors or player disconnection, the initial rule is a remake of the game when no melee/range barracks from both sides is destroyed. However if the game is save before the dc, then the game will be continue from the saved game. When one team has an advantage over the other (regardless of kills, items, and/or barracks destroyed) and the game got fatal error (or disconnected) by one, more or all players, the game will be pause and the arbiter will review the current situation. The arbiter will have the final say and decide what will happen in their current match.

*In case the game is restarted, teams cannot change the items that they have bought for their heroes; each hero must have the same set of items from their previous game.

*In case there was a disconnection due to player inetreference, then the game will be reloaded provided there is a save game. If the player somehow cannot return (due to save lost from that particular computer), then match will continue on a 4 on 5 disadvantage.

*Other than what is written above, there maybe added or change of rules and regulations concerning the tournament. I'll just update this as the day goes by.

To all teams who would like to learn more about the concept of this tournament, I will explain this further and give an example:

In the 1st Round, Teams A and B make 2 sets of line-ups:

Team A
Line-up 1: Demon Witch, Faerie Dragon, Lord of Olympia, Skeleton King, Queen of Pain
Line-up 2: Admiral, Lycanthrope, Priestess of the Moon, Tidehunter, Tinker

Team B
Line-up 1: Admiral, Necrolyte, Priestess of the Moon, Slayer, Tidehunter
Line-up 2: Demon Witch, Geomancer, Keeper of the Light, Skeleton King, Tinker

TAKE NOTE: Once you put one specific hero in a line-up, you cannot put that specific hero in the other line-up/s.

After that both teams will give the line-ups that they made to the arbiter/organizer and he will give Team A's 2 line-ups to Team B and vice versa.

Then Team A and B will choose what line-up will the opposing team will use in that particular match.

Team A chooses line-up 2 for Team B to use.
Team B chooses line-up 1 for Team A to use.

So the for this particular match will be:
Team A: Demon Witch, Faerie Dragon, Lord of Olympia, Skeleton King, Queen of Pain
Team B: Demon Witch, Geomancer, Keeper of the Light, Skeleton King, Tinker

In the 2nd round, both teams will then make 3 sets (or whatever the arbiter/organizer decides) of line-ups instead or 2 with the same rules applied.

Team A
Line-up 1: Demon Witch, Lord of Olympia, Priestess of the Moon, Skeleton King, Tidehunter
Line-up 2: Centaur Warchief, Crystal Maiden, Lifestealer, Treant Protector, Spectre
Line-up 3: Admiral, Priestess of the Moon, Gorgon, Soul Keeper, Tinker

Team B
Line-up 1: Broodmother, Crystal Maiden, Lifestealer, Lord of Olympia, Tidehunter
Line-up 2: Demon Witch, Geomancer, Skeleton King, Queen of Pain, Tinker
Line-up 3: Admiral, Keeper of the Light, Nerubian Assassin, Priestess of the Moon, Slayer

Again, each line-up must only have one specific hero and that particular hero cannot be put in another line-up.
Then they'll just do what they did during the 1st round and so on...

All matches will be in -ap mode but just in case (like the team's line-up written above) have 2 or more same specific heroes, then the match will be -apdu.

Generally speaking teams will have to strategize not only during the match but also in terms of which heroes they will use and what will they choose for their opponents.

If you lose in the match, always remember (base from the intro) that you "pick your poison"!

I hope that you will support me in this project tournament.

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