Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dell DotA Video Making Contest

DotA Mini Video Contest
Sponsored by Dell
Launch: February 3rd 2009
own3D.TV is running the “DotA Mini Video Contest”.

Prizes up for grabs:

1st Place – 250 Euro + Dell Mini 9 Netbook
2nd Place – 150 Euro
3rd Place – 100 Euro

All of the information for the contest is at

You have only 99 seconds to show your best, the judge will be the community, think about this while making the movie.

You can start making videos and sign up for the contest now.

Deadline for registration and uploading the movies is Feb 27 2009.

Some Rules (see website for more details)

Video Criteria
* Only videos that have not been published on the Internet can be entered.
* The video should have exactly 99 seconds runtime.
* Only recorded game sequences, e.g. from replays, can be used.
*Trailers, movies and music videos are not allowed.

Who can participate?
•The participation of teams as single contesters is allowed. The teams have to appoint an official representative for the team to participatein the contest. Only the representative is allowed to upload. The representative will receive any prizes on behalf of the team.
• A single person or team is only allowed to upload and submit 1 video per game category.

How can I participate?

Participants have to send an email with the subject “Video Contest Registration“ to:
In the email, participants should state:
• Full Name (in case of teams: team headcount, name of all team members and the name of the team)
• Birth date
• Postal address
• E-Mail address
• Telephone numbers
• Game Category (e.g. DotA)

After this email application has been confirmed by the contest organizers –the participants of the contest will receive all relevant guidelinesfor uploading their videos. Uploading videos without proper contest application or publishing them will lead to automatic disqualification.

Dates & Timeline

03.02.2009 - Launch of the contest - enrollment and uploads
02.27.2009 - End of uploads
03.02.2009 - Jury Announcement of the 9 finalists - start of community votes
03.10.2009 - Vote analysis & winner announcements

Good luck DotA Video Makers

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