Monday, October 13, 2008

Get Endorsed by the Neutral Creeps Network

On this page, we feature the websites endorsed by the Neutral Creeps Network.

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1) Garena Gamer
Your number 1 Garena Insider stuff provider.

Warcraft 3

1) Fufu Ninja - WarCraft 3 custom map
If you're bored with DotA, you can try this Warcraft map.

2) Nibbits
Warcraft 3 Maps Collection

Dota genre

1) Heroes of Newerth Updates
Gives the latest updates about HoN.

2) Dota 2 Updates
Gives the latest updates about Dota 2.

3) Heroes-ofNewerth
HoN Blog since HoN Closed Beta (2009)

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How to become a part of the Neutral Creeps Network:

Number 1: Does your website qualify?
-Must be related to any of the following:
*S2 Games related
*Valve Corporation related
*Blizzard Entertainment related
*Garena related
*DotA related

Number 2: Is the content useful?
-Should have useful content.
Websites that discuss hacks, cheats and exploits are not accepted.

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