Monday, October 13, 2008

The Mock Draft of Fnatic

Everybody hated the farmfest that was rampant in the older versions of DotA.
It was farm here, farm there... Boring!
And all of a sudden 6.55 comes up.
The DotA Beta testers have been working on new stuff that would encourage more team fights and discourages the farm frenzy.

Now Fnatic will be conducting mock drafts on the new DotA map.

What is a mock draft?
A mock draft is when a player or team pretends they are drafting heroes for real but this is just for experimentation and fun!

The mock drafts will allow the community to see how drafting will change in the future when the new map is implemented into leagues and tournaments. There will also be a small panel of judges present during the draft to discuss which team or player has the better hero selections and why, allowing the community to understand just that much more the logic behind each team's choices.

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