Thursday, October 23, 2008

CEVO DotA Fire and Ice challenge

Err... no, this is not the same event being held by eMg and Dust-Off.
CEVO LLC (CYBER EVOLUTION)just named it with the same title.

Online DotA Tournament
Only North Americans will be allowed.

• 32 teams, double elimination.
• $5.00 registration fee per player.
• Matches played twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings.
• Registration is open from Thursday, October 23rd - Sunday, November 16th.
• The map will be Stable Map: 6.52e.
• The tournament will use extended league mode (-ap).
• Approved 3rd party programs are:
Health Viewer
Hotkey programs like DotA Keys
Blamestars or Keycraft
ESL Wire
DotA Client
and Garena.
• The CMN will be enabled for all matches.

• 1st Place - 5x HD4850 Sapphire Graphics Card ($999.95 value)
• 2nd Place - 5x HD3870 Sapphire Graphics Card ($574.95 value)
• 3rd Place - 5x Razer Goliathus™ Speed Edition Mousepad ($129.95)
• 4th Place - 5x Free entry into CEVO event of your choice. ($100.00 value)

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