Friday, September 12, 2008

Vigoss and Vein to join DTS-Gaming DotA

Wicked and Fnatic in the recent establishment of DotA Division, and a team DTS-Gaming DotA decided to join the family. DTS CS team in the last week won the WCG2008 the finals of the Ukraine national trials, they also created a DotA Division. Teams from the list of three players from Moscow Vigoss, Provein and Takken, and the two crew from Ukraine Sky and love_sun composition. One Vigoss, Provein a former member of the main (formerly, their recent merger with Wolker Gaming. Ukraine on a small group of two effectiveness of the team is eXplosive.

Manager of DTS-Gaming XPEH interview:

First of all to congratulate you won the WCG, when the division decided to set up a DotA »

DTS | XPEH: Thank you all. DotA is the most active of the fastest growing, one of the competing projects. In our eyes this game more and more popular, has won many fans. In the WCG after we decided to have non-stop the development of DTS, then decided to join the DotA community, the most promising projects.

Why is the establishment of an international team, rather than, for instance, the only player from Ukraine »

DTS | XPEH: because these experienced players and great potential. They also present together with the other team had not been snatched away, we exchange with them for a very long time, so was born the current Division.
DTS-Gaming.Dota Team Roster:

Vigoss (Captain)

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