Friday, September 12, 2008

EHOME enrolls at MYM Prime Denfending 11

EHOME Get Championship in the ACG , EHOME appeared on the strongest team in Asia DOTA the throne. However, as DC and Snoy said, but EHOME do not dominate the meet in Asia, Because EHOME also want dominate the world.

According to the latest news, EHOME have enrolled in MYM Prime Denfending # 11, thus beginning the first step in their long-range, we are pleasantly surprised What is the domestic first-class teams such as GooG and CaNt several key players also joined the expedition team. China DOTA EHOME the new Dream Team will represent China in the world arena to show skill.

EHOME currently the primary objective would be to PD # 11 in the Asian qualifier to win in a smooth, can appear in PD # 11 in the playoff stage of the game, hope that the majority of Chinese fans continue to support EHOME, SGamer.CoM and Garena will also Bring you the latest reports.

EHOME Team Roster :


Hope EHOME can bring to our exciting Match in MYM PD#11

1 comment:

  1. Go EHOME. This roster is very strong. This is China's Finest. Show those Europeans that Asians are truly the best when it comes to DotA.


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