Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMM DotA Tournament 2008 Sabah qualifiers concluded

Malaysian DotA gamers! The SMM Grand National Dota Tournament 2008 Sabah qualifiers has just recently reched it's conclusion. The 2 days event was held at Cyber X and jointly organised by SabahGamers. The event managed to attract almost 40 teams from all over Sabah to participate in the competition, not to mention a large crowd of spectators who all share a strong interest in the game of Dota. The event brought plenty of fun and exciting momments for everyone involved. The matches and battles between the Dota teams were full of action and suspence, which was exactly what everyone was hoping to see in such events. Below are some updates and highlights as well as the results of the event.

Begins : Saturday 20th September 2008
Ends : Sunday 21st September 2008
Venue : CyberX

The Participating Teams :

3.Night City
10.Bubz online.com
20.Rip-Dream Elite
29.I-Zone Pouvoir
33.Command Center

Day 1 (Saturday 20th September)

1st report :
Things were quite hectic this morning. Managing all 33 initial teams. Plus a couple more teams which were considered as last minute entries. These teams had trouble getting their registration confirmed because some slip ups and trouble with their online registration. The ball started rolling around 10am, as the first few matches finally started. We were able to run up to 8 matches at the same time, which hopefully helps to eliminate some unwanted waiting time that players usually have to go through in past events.

2nd report :
Well, things are running quite smoothly. Not that much complaints other than having lots of teams keep asking when is their next match, which is our fault for not posting the charts earlier. But thats all settled now, charts and brackets are up and everyone can clearly see their match schedules now. The 1st rounds are now over and done with, the tournament is now entering the top 16 stage. Good Luck to the remaining teams. To the teams that has already been eliminated, dont give up. Keep on training, keep on playing ... and thx all for participating.

3rd report :
Final update of the day. The top 16 and top 8 rounds are over. Things were going much smoother and less crowded as most of the teams that didnt move on to the later rounds left early. But the matches got alot more interesting though. Tougher fights and more complicated and impressive moves and strategies were shown by most of the teams. At the end of today's match schedule, everyone were glad to finally go home and take a rest for tomorrow promises lots more action as we enter the Semi Final and then the Final Round of the tournament.

1st Round Match Results :
Emp-NsPFreedom > CN1
Hawaii 1 > Prime2
Keys > CRY
Dacom VZP > QQNet
Prime1 > Dark
RiP Dream Elite > Bayau
Empire > JF
AoE|NewWave > Intelligent
Exocology > CyberStar
XO > Dacom 2
RiP Dream Elite > MagiX
Divinity > EDP
RiP Noah > Super_Junior
Empire > I-Zone Pouvoir
ImNotClan > EcT.xN
Exocology > MVG
AoE|NewWave > Bubz online.com
Foremost > CN2
Prime > Hawaii 2
3nity > Command Center
AoE|Exo > Night City

Top 16 Match Results :
Emp-NsP Freedom > Hawaii-1
RiP Dream Elite > XO
Dacom VZP > Divinity
RiP Noah > Keys
ImNotClan > Empire
Exocology > AoE|NewWave
AoE|Exo > 3nity
ForeMost > Prime

Top 8 Match Results :
Emp-NsP Freedom > RiP Dream Elite
Dacom VZP > RiP Noah
AoE|Exo > ForeMost
ImNotClan > Exocology

Day 2 (Sunday 21st September)

1st report :
Today things started off slightly late compared to yesterday. The four semi finalists teams arrived around 11am and things only started to get interesting around noon, where the 1st semi final match of the day started. 1st semi final match is between Team Emp-NsP Freedom and Team ImNotClan.

2nd report :
A real surprise. One of KK's strongest team has been knocked out by a Tawau team. Respect and salute Tawau teams. Congratulations VZP!

3rd report :
It really happened. Team Dacom VZP defeated Team Emp-NsP Freedom in the finals. For the first time, a Tawau team beats other KK teams and took the tittle of Sabah Dota Champion. In the match for 3rd place and 4th place, Team AoE|Excorcimination beats Team ImNotClan. It's good to know that gamers from other parts of Sabah are now starting to improve and able to provide a challenge for the KK gamers that has so far dominated our local gaming scene.

Semi Finals Results :
Emp-NsP Freedom > ImNotClan
Dacom VZP > AoE|Exo

Final Results :
AoE|Exo > ImNotClan
Dacom VZP > Emp-NsP Freedom

Here are some of the pics:

1st Place : Team Dacom VZP

2nd Place : Team Emp-Nsp Freedom

3rd Place : Team AoE|Excorcimination

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