Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Changes changes in the SK.DotA roster

An annoucement with mixed feelings; since SK.DotA have decided to let go of some of its precious team members, they have also reinforced their squad with a new member.

Already straight after ESWC at San José it was decided that some changes had to be done for the team to keep on developing.

The first player that is no longer within SK-Gaming's DotA squad is Erik "Bogdan" Olsson who said he could not keep up the activity that is required within the top notch teams. Instead he decided to put more effort into his studies.
We asked Bogdan for a comment about his decision to leave SK:

"Bogdan: Of course it feels kind of sad leaving SK, I've been a part of the team for what seems like forever.

However, I'm sure it's for the best, I don't practise enough anymore to be in one of the very top teams.

I'm still great friends with all in SK and I wish them all the best, except for our manager Caramon_ whom I hope *Censured* in *Censured*! And I won't disappear entirely from the scene, I'll most likely join a team and play for fun =)"

Nikola 'minitito' Perkovic is also no longer counted within the ranks of SK and will be trying his luck elsewhere in the future. The language barrier is usually not considered as a problem at the start but anyone who has played with a team which spends most of the time communicating in another language will probably realise that it can really make ones moral and gaming suffer.

Now to the positive news. The DotA squad has already found a new person to fill up the missing slots. The player I am talking about is Erik 'zoN-' Falk, who has been playing in Gvision. With this new addition SK.Dota has a full swedish lineup once again. SK-Gaming caught up with Zon to get some answers from him about these good news.

"SK-Gaming: Hello Zon! Please introduce yourself for those of us who do not know you from before.

SK|zoN-: Hellu! My name is Erik, im 16 years old, and since recently, a member of the SK dota squad! Furthermore I'm studying Natural Science at a high schoolright now, in my first out of 3 years.

SK-Gaming: So how are you feeling now after these good news and what do you think your role in the team will be?

SK|zoN-: Great! I am really glad to be a part of this team and hope to live up to any possible expectations! I will play whatever I am told to, but my guess would be mostly carry/semi carry and not much support :).

SK-Gaming: How did you get in contact with SK from the start and do you know any of them in real life?

SK|zoN-: Somehow I have always had some kind of contact with SK, playing random games or playing CS, and some time ago Loda told me he was interested to start playing with me, and I ended up in this place!
No I don't, although I met all of them exept Kwom at last Dreamhack."

To get a thought from the team's perspective SK-Gaming contacted the DotA squad's leader, Loda:

"SK-Gaming: Hi Loda! The reason because Bogdan had to leave the squad is already known, but what led to Minitito began to walk another road? Did it has something to do with the earlier mentioned language barrier?

SK|Loda: Hey, yes the language problem was the main issue to why tito couldn't stay on the team. He's a really good and funny guy and it feels sad to let him go, but as it is now I wouldn't choose to bring him to a LAN caus being 4 swedes and one non-swede doesn't really work. It makes the team act slower and it makes the non-swede feel a bit outside

SK-Gaming: What made you choose zoN- as your newest addition to the team?

SK|Loda: Like I said earlier we have started to realise it is quite important for us being able to communicate in swedish during our games. Which made us starting to look for another swedish player as replacement. About why it became zoN- it is beacuse I see a great potential in him, in my eyes he is something of a 'Diamond in the rough'. We have great expectations on what he will do for the team in the future. We wish him a warm welcome and hope he will enjoy his stay here :)"

current SK.Dota lineup:

Jonathan 'Loda' Berg(Leader)
Marcus 'Caramon' Lundberg(Manager)
Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall
Tommy 'Tompa' Andersson
Mikael 'Hailo' Grinsvall
Edvin 'Kwom' Börjesson
Erik 'zoN-' Falk

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