Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.44b

* Fixed Pit of Malice tooltip
* Fixed issue with Templar taking Geomancer's spot as an Agi hero in -allagi
* Fixed a bug with Storm's Overload that made its attack counter inaccurate at higher attack speeds
* Fixed the issue that caused a checksum error to appear
* Killing a courier's image no longer announces the message as if it was real
* Fixed a bug with respawning that would respawn you faster if you had boughtback right before dying again
* Clarified Plague tooltip
* Fixed Cleave, Scattershot and various other spells from affecting Psionic Traps
* Fixed Boots of Travel working on Psionic Traps
* Fixed Vacuum from working on various exploitable areas
* Improved Plague visual effect
* Nerfed Plague damage amplification by 5% and changed the duration from 7/9/11 to 7/8/9 seconds
* Reduced Reverse Polarity mana cost and cd per level
* Lowered hp/armor on Raise Dead summons and increased bounty a little
* Fixed a bug that caused Plague to slow more than intended and said in the tooltip
* Displayed the player name when a tower is denied instead of his team name
* Clarified Life Break tooltip
* Nerfed str gain on Dirge
* Reduced Dirge model size very slightly
* Fixed Electric Rave from triggering Essence Aura, CotS
* Fixed Plague from giving the kill credit to the Dirge instead of the damage dealer
* Improved Luna base damage
* Fixed some issues with Meld
* Clarified Soul Rip tooltip
* Inner Vitality manacost is the same at all levels now (a nerf)
* Rebalanced Dark Portal. Aside from stat changes such as manacost/channeltime/duration, it cannot be cast from/to base and you can only transport through it once, not back and forth.
* Reduced the pause effect on vacuum considerably
* Added visual effect to transporting units through Dark Portal
* Changed the Storm soundset
* Fixed misc other minor issues

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