Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.44


* Added a new Scourge hero: Dark Seer
* Added a new Scourge hero: Pit Lord
* Added a new Scourge hero: Undying
* Added a new Sentinel hero: Storm Spirit
* Added a new Sentinel hero: Templar Assassin
* Added a new Sentinel hero: Sacred Warrior (39888)
* New heroes are disabled in -lm/-xl
* Queen of Pain -> Reduced attack range from 600 to 550
* Queen of Pain -> Rebalanced how Shadow Strike levels up
* Dwarven Sniper -> Slightly increased base mana
* Ursa Warrior -> Is now a proper melee hero (recent patch fixed

the issue, 137702)
* Shadow Priest -> Removed the duration nerf on Shallow Grave (it

will now last until the target dies). Reduced cooldown. The

respawn speed is nerfed instead.
* Troll Warlord -> Removed Berserker Rage mana cost
* Alchemist -> Increased casting range on Unstable Concoction a bit
* Alchemist -> Improved level 1 Chemical Rage health regeneration by 5
* Alchemist -> Minor buff to the damage on Unstable Concoction
* Doom Bringer -> Reduced Doom's Scepter upgrade duration by 2 seconds
* Moon Rider -> Eclipse no longer depends on Lucent Beam level
* Chen -> Increased movement speed from 290 to 295
* Spiritbreaker -> Nether Strike no longer depends on Greater Bash
* Bristleback -> Reduced max Quill Spray damage stack
* Bristleback -> Reduced movement speed by 5
* Bone Fletcher -> Changed Searing Arrows cooldown from 4/3/2/0 to 4/3/0/0
* Magnataur -> Improved his cast animation time
* Doom Bringer -> Due to popular demand, Level Death deals it's bonus damage on level 25 as well
* Syllabear -> Level 3 Spirit Bear has regained Entangle


* Various minor terrain improvements requested for league play
* Added hotkeys for all basic items (only a few had them before)
* Changed piercing damage to heavy armor to 75% from 100%
* Added -roll command (133304)
* Added a few new weather effects (-weather moonlight/wind)
* Added -weather random that will randomly change the weather for you (and only you) every 5 minutes
* Rewrote some item manipulation code to fix some exploits
* Added creep spawn modes -notop/-nomid/-nobot (-nt/-nm/-nb)
* You can now team kill units in other damage over time abilities like Curse of the Silent and Shadow Word
* You have to be below 25% health for an ally to be able to start denying you (assuming you can be denied of course)
* Removed the last melee creep count upgrade (the rest of the changes from last version are still the same)
* Recoded various resource intensive abilities for increased map stability
* Added new command -noswap (-ns)
* Satyr Trickster -> Increased movement speed


* Wards -> Reworked Observer and Sentry wards again
* Bottle -> After rune usage, it returns a 2/3 Bottle instead of a fully refilled one
* Tango -> Price from 80 to 90
* Flask -> Heals over a period of 10 seconds instead of 20
* Flying Courier -> Removed Boots of Speed from requirements
* Flying Courier -> Added new ability (Courier Shield) and lowered vision


* World Tree -> Added a new model (provided by Janzak @ janzak.deviantart.com)
* Chat messages now show hero name
* An announcement is now made when a tower is denied
* Considerably improved End Game Scoreboard and Observer Scoreboard presentation and content (total gold row coming in near future)
* Wrote gold cost on basic items like they are on recipes to allow for price checking before you go back to base
* The game now displays a kill message when a chicken dies
* End Scorescreen now lets you know when someone is no longer in the game
* Scoreboard now colors players differently if they have left the game
* Slithreen Guard -> Added new Sprint visual effect (126186)
* Goblin Techies -> New Remote Mine model (130285)
* Flying Courier -> Added unique scourge flying courier model
* When a team mate denies an ally, it now says his name (127161)
* Crystal Maiden -> Crystal Maiden's Scepter upgrade now gives a unique visual effect (128977)
* Chaos Knight -> Chaos Bolt now shows the random stun duration (130088)
* Keeper of the Light -> Added a new and more accurate Illuminate Wave effect provided by eva00r
* Shadow Fiend -> Added a special effect when Nevermore gains a soul (132731)
* Morphling -> Added text overhead to show the damage dealt by Adaptive Strike
* Camera now moves to the throne/tree when it dies. Added 1-2 second delay before scoreboard appears to show the death animations
* Added more flavor text to various items (130384)
* Added new icons for Freezing Field, Viscous Nasal Goo, Drow's Silence, Lightning Storm, Blur, Global Silence, Plague Wards (thanks snork and switch)
* Added new icon for Mirror Image (73303)
* Changed second secret shop name
* Improved visibility of scourge fifth recipe shop when not in base
* Improved movement speed items' tooltips (130948)
* Courier -> When purchasing a courier, Sentinel will get a random selection of Chicken, Raccoon or Penguin, while Scourge will get a random selection of Carrion Beetle, Dune Worm or Fel Boar.
* Listed damage type for Arcane/Impetus/Glaives
* Improved Demon Witch's Impale tooltip (107362)
* Changed the default missing icon on the scoreboard from the eye to another one
* Battle Fury -> now lists it as a melee item (139040)
* Sanity's Eclipse -> The damage dealt to units is now listed as an overhead text
* Added more flavor text to various abilities
* Improved various item tooltips to make it more user friendly
* Added reminder in -mm regarding hero switches
* Updated Bottle Tooltip to make it more obvious that rune bottle refilling is not a bug!
* Reduced how long the warning about disassemble lasts on the screen
* Improved dozens of tooltips
* Thanks to Eva00r and JetFango for various icons/effects

==[Various fixes]==

* Fixed the desync bug that happens when observers leave a game, causing some other players to disconnect
* Fixed another very rare respawn glitch
* Fixed Ignis Fatuus scepter upgrade not being on autocast by default
* Fixed a bug that caused sprout trees to sometimes respawn trapping the hero again
* Fixed Lothar's Edge icon(132136)
* Fixed a bug with custom replay data winner field
* Fixed Holy Persuation not showing level in tooltip
* Fixed Midnight Pulse killing mines
* Fixed Clarity Potion buff icon bug
* Fixed Mask of Madness buff icon (126834)
* Fixed Drunken Haze tooltip typo
* Improved some internal Observer Mode code
* Fixed Wrath of Nature typo
* Fixed a bug with Black Hole pulling in mines
* Fixed some memory leaks with Time Lapse and Poison Nova
* Fixed a rare bug with Toss
* Fixed Chronosphere tooltip
* Clarified some TDA quest menu rules
* Compressed various icons (thanks PGRu-Unexpect3D)
* Fixed a bug with Phantom Edge giving extra evasion
* Lots of optimizations to how Impetus/Glaives/Arcane abilities were coded
* Fixed Helm of Iron will giving 2 hp regen and not 3 hp
* Fixed the game clock continuing after the game has ended
* Fixed a rare bug with Adaptive Strike
* Fixed Rampage buff tooltip
* Fixed a rare bug with Greater Bash
* Fixed some bugs with -dm and various abilities that depended on unit state
* Fixed Silencer from stealing an INT from an ally deny
* Fixed Shockwave from hitting wards
* Gave unique codes to the following abilities make replay processing more straight forward: Phantom Assassin's Shadow Strike, Venomancer's Shadow Strike, Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike, Stealth Assassin's Blink Strike, Chaos Knight's Blink Strike, Lion's Voodoo, Rhasta's Voodoo, Razor's Frenzy, Viper's Frenzy, Sven's Storm Bolt and Leo's Storm Bolt.
* Fixed some item buying cooldowns that were still at 5 sec instead of 1
* Fixed Necromastery tooltip
* Fixed various other buggy tooltips

-- Thanks to all the fans for being patient in this long release.
Thanks to the following beta testers:-very active: iNCQRiT, BeamCannon, unHOLYdoNUTS, LulaLula, Beast_Pete, Ro-Coco, Warsoft, Zethal, KI-HunterKiller, Apocalypse, sSerenity, StokesII, heftig, LordDready, kugelkind, arthur5863, Genosis, SokZ, eldorquo, Nova -active: DarkMist67, IEatDeadPeoples, Infrisios, Dimitrii, Beary, Trozz_, Wretchingwretch, u-nL-ike, Severas, Naz), jmesch04, Zagruss5, 4nTr4xX, TheKitchenSink, Sarkahn, eBoS, Jewified., Switch, Kesy, HarbingeR-2.0-, HunterX2, HolyHuman, Gorzerk, Calf85, Shimmy]BT, Capnrawr, Damican., Qu33nZR3p1n9, phssy_galore, Terrorblaze, Idejder, Casperkid0923, GnS.Gauss, Minotaar, whifra, M3Th0dz, feared.slayer, 28awg, Rororo, CouchCushion, ThunderBolt_ and Tota-Domi
-- I am dedicating this version to Terrorblaze, Naz, Wuffle, Eva00r, Minotaar, arthur5863, Trystero and the late OzoneX for all their contributions to the overall DotA community.
-- If you find any bugs or have any comments, please let me know.
-- Once again, much thanks to all the beta testers that helped make this big release a possibility.

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