Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.30

* Two new Sentinel heroes.
* One new Scourge hero.
* -mirrormode (-mm) returns due to popular demand, with all abilities multi-instance capable.
* Added Observer Mode support (Now league games can be broadcasted using Waaagh!TV).
* Last Word no longer effects Blink Dagger or Black King Bar.
* -swaphero can be used to exchange heroes with your ally.
* Moved the Attributes Bonus learn icon to prevent learning it by accident when lagging.
* -dm and -lm now compatible with -ap
* Some improvements to loading time
* Conjure Image no longer requires clicking on the hero.
* Neutral Host capability through an extra slot (useful for important tournaments where host neutrality matters)
* Fixed some lag issue with Mercurial's Ultimate
* Fixed a minor buff issue with Assassinate and Direct Vengeance.

Thanks to eva00r, ska_goblin, LoreKeeper and Pinball for some forum hero suggestions.
Special thanks to SetzerGabbiani and Trystero for their work on the creep AI as well as the few beta testers who were actually active this cycle and worked overtime to beta test this.
Expect a few buffs and a couple of nerfs next version.

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