Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.24

Reworked Mark of the Abyss and tweaked some of his other abilities a little
Smokescreen aoe decreased
Enrage manacost removed, cooldown increased
Toss no longer damages towers
You don't lose a level in DM after dying
Enabled dm with ar, do -dm then -ar
Scorched earth regen decreased
Fixed broodmother web issue in dm
Fixed bug in troll melee mode leveling
Crushing Wave mana cost reduced a bit
Enchantress attack range reduced

Hopefully the bug that causes many triggered abilities to fail sometimes is fixed in this version.
However, i still recommend all serious games use 6.19b until it is clear.

There won't be anymore major balance changes after this (at least not nerfs), just bug fixes if any come up, then work begins on a new major version (which will take longer but will he heavily tested) while this version set gets sent for use in leagues and various other tournaments and secret events we have planned.

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