Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.16

-Balanced many aspects of silencer abilities
-Recoded fissure
-Fixed bug that caused chen's units to die if chen image died
-Necronomicon recipe price increased by 100
-Put a dmg check on impetus to prevent it doing unintended extra damage by tp
-Fixed bug that caused kotl to be stuck when his priests were combined with smokescreen.
-Fixed various dupe hero bugs
-Fixed bug that sometimes caused Reverse Polarity to stun but not pull
-Fixed bug that allowed morphling to use morph without any mana
-Made mana costs on higher level reincarnation less insane
-Fixed bane elemental being able to cast enfeeble on himself
-Fixed buff issue with omnislash and other abilities that created rare unwanted effects on target
-Fixed bug that caused -unstuck to remove curse of the silent effect
-Fixed lag issues with penitence animations
-Disabled some buggy game modes, will restore them in working order in near future
-Added modes quest menu
-Fixed Creep Ogre Magi Frost typo
-Fixed Creep Troll Inner Fire typo
-Unstable power typo
-Dagon recipe typos
-Various small typos fixed

The next few versions will be focused on cleaning up the current versions of any bugs and imbalances that exist as well as fixing some broken modes.

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