Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.09b

*Fixed bug with bear and illusion rune/manta
*Fixed duration of greater bash (was error in 6.09)
*Fixed 3rd Middle sent tower becoming vulnerable when 3rd left sent tower died
*Improved Requiem of Souls a little and added a secondary effect -When a hero is repicked, it tells you which one was repicked.
*Allrandom now alternates between sent and scourge instead of all sent first
*Buffed Linken stats and lowered recipe cost a bit
*Made last level in necronomicon have castable pacisfism and buffed durations from 2->3 seconds, 4 seconds last lvl
*Tweaked sandstorm a bit and slightly improved lag (i have no way of testing the lag, no one i know in beta testers lag from it)
*Reduced price on Stout Shield from 520 to 400
*Enigma attack range reduced to 525
*Changed the spawns between sent and scourge sides to better balance
*Sent and Scourge shops no longer turn vulnerable after some structures die
*Conversion no longer works on bear
*Warpath no longer triggers on ally attack
*Cannot use Pacifism on Ancients and Necronomicon units can now hit air units
*Rare Chainfrost bug fixed
*Scattershot properly removes battlehunger
*Fountains now properly hit rhasta wards
*Reduced the casting time on netherblast by 0.5 seconds
*Varios minor item tweaks here and there
*Changed the learn skip for necromastry so its like his other skills.
*Reduced price on ring of protection
*Fixed Eye of Skadi recipe to say that you get the hp and mana bonus
*Fixed Manta recipe typo
*Fixed Battle Fury regen typo
*Fixed Frost Armor typo
*Fixed typo on nether blast
*Fixed typo on Mask of Madnesss
*Buriza recipe typo on Crystalys
*Techies range typo
*Track typo and learn hotkey
*Nasal Goo typos
*Few other Misc typos

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