Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.07

*Sent and Scourge each get a new hero
*Significant map cleanup and size reduction. Map size from 2.25 megs to 1.34 megs!
*Optimized some code to further improve load times and some ingame function calls.
*Neutral creep return/acquire mechanics tweaked
*Deathmatch items restored upon revival
*Deathmatch adapt/grow/recreate bugs fixed
*Poison nova range decreased
*Reworked Faceless Void (Modified ult, buffed bash damage, str gainperlvl 2.05->2.2)
*Added single target attack speed slowing invis tower at rax that helps vs backdoor
*Nevermore maintains half Necromastery damage on death.
*Few other minor buffs to Nevermore
*Midnight Pulse now 3/4/5/6 from 4/5/6/7 %
*Fixed culling blade vs blademail
*Fixed the issue with Counter Helix where if many units attacked you the odds became worse.
*Fixed the damage type of morph attack
*Anit-mage regular base attack speed restored (1.7->1.45)
*Restored Naix feast icon
*Bane range increased from 300 to 400
*Hand of Midas tweaked
*Changed how blink strike is triggered a bit to improve it (maybe recoding it completely next version)
*Crushing wave cannot push roshan back.
*Sent/Scourge creeps have same damage
*Gambler removed (possible reworking for next version)
*Omnislash pause effect tweaked
*Viper gets new model
*Eclipse cooldown increased a little bit
*Fixed perm halted counterhelix spin
*Cannot get bounty by suiciding
*Fixed scourge team suicides to "___ has killed himself" and its sprees
*Reduced blademail return damage to 20%
*Bounty Hunter selection scale increased a bit
*Tweaked hand of midas cost and gold received
*Earthshaker and Prophet switch taverns
*Small price increase on BoT
*Misc typos fixed
*Updated the Quest Menu

Memory Leak Abilities Fixed:
*March of the machines
*Crushing Wave
*Blink Strike
*Natures Attendants
*Mirror Shield
*Midnight Pulse
*Culling Blade
*Time Lapse
*Soul Assumption
*Black Hole
*Berserkers Call
*Counter Helix
*Ante Up

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