Monday, July 28, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.0

-`Re-adjusted` all of the casting, attacking, and movement animations so that they should more fully match the hero models.
-Added Earthshaker
-Added Shadow Fiend (thanks Wikid on ultimate)
-Added Mogul Kahn
-Added Tiny
-Added Engima
-Finished Phantom Lancer
-Fixed hotkeys for Sunrise Tavern
-Moved Taverns around a little
-Began implimenting a Spellcaster system
-Deleted misc unused skills and units
-Fixed some misc bugs where skills could be gotten at earlier levels than advertized
-Made it so that Blink Strike makes the unit face the target
-Increased selection range on shops
-Can no longer attack allies while spell immune
-Tried to fix whatever typos I came across
-Attempted to reduce the number of custom objects used in various skills

-All items now have their icons in the shops
-Reduced mana cost on BoT from 150 to 75
-Added %Bash numbers to Cranium Basher tooltip
-Added %dodge numbers to Radiance tooltip
-Added %cleave to Battle Fury tooltip
-Added damage/second numbers on Radiance
-Added duration numbers to Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
-Added multiplier numbers to Crysalis and Burize
-Morphling can no longer use Refresher
-Added Stygian reduction numbers to tooltip
-Modified Mask of Madess to 75% IAS (down from 97%), 10% move speed (down from 15%), lifesteal reduced to 10% from 12%, and added a mana cost of 50.
-Mask of Madness recipe now costs 1250
-Fixed Diffusal and Blink Dagger sharing cooldown
-Morphling can no longer copy Sapphire Water
-Changed Vitality Booster to 1100 gold
-Changed Point Booster to 1200 gold
-Added Bracer recipe
-Added Wraith Band recipe
-Added Blade Mail recipe
-Added Disposables Shop and moved some of the charged items over
-Added Sturdy Shield item
-Removed the +300 Mana from Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, added 900 gold cost to recipe, and now gives +25 Intelligence
-Eul's Scepter now gives +18 Intelligence (up from 10)
-Removed +1 armor from Null Talisman, lowered recipe to 150 gold
-Nerzheim Buckler recipe changed, along with effects
-Ring of Basilius now gives +3 damage
-Aegis of the Immortal recipe changed, along with effects
-Cloak of the Magus no longer gives 50% mana regen. Cost reduced to 450.
-Satanic now takes Messer in place of Demon Edge

Sand King
-Replaced Dust Trail with Sand Storm
-Made Entrench `multi-instance`
-Made Epicenter `multi-instance`
-Fixed some Burrowstrike bugs
-Fixed Burrowstrike so it can no longer be cast while silenced/ensnared

Pudge 2.0
-Fixed Meat Hook bug that caused it to become erratic at long range
-Meat Hook should fire perfectly strait with no arcingnow
-Lowered time during which Pudge is uncommandable on Meat Hook from .5 to .4 seconds
-Made it so that Pudge should no longer hook invisible mines or hidden units (if he has detection, he will hit them again)
-Slightly modified Flesh Heap's tooltip
-Fixed Flesh Heap so it no longer gives invulnerability to Piercing attacks
-Rot slows opponents by 20%
-Flesh Heap now gives .5/1/1.5/2 Str per hero killed (still gives .03/.06/.09/.12 Str per `non-hero`).

-Shockwave no longer hits buildings

-Str/level up to 2.2 from 2
-`Whirly-thing` costs less mana, lower cooldown
-Omnislash got +1 slash at all levels

Drow Ranger
-Slightly modified Marksmanship's tooltip
-Frost Arrows slow for 10/20/30/40% movement speed, down from 15/30/40/50%

-Reduced duration of Overpower to 15 seconds
-Increased cooldown of Overpower to 15 seconds
-Fixed some bugs involved with `multi-instancing`, and `short-changing` you when you died with Overpower on
-Modified Fury Swipe's tooltip to clarify

-Reduced mana costs for Pulse Nova at all levels by `30-40`/second
-Added .5 second cooldown to prevent "flickering"
-Increased cooldown on Diabolic Edict from 15 to 30 seconds
-Increased mana cost on Diabolic Edict by 20 at all levels

-Reduced AoE on War Stomp to 275/300/325/350
-Made move type Amphibious
-War Stomp has cooldown of 8 seconds with 2/2.5/3/3.25 second stun

-Reduced AoE on Hoof Stomp to 275/300/325/350
-Hoofstomp cooldown increased from 8.5 to 10.5 seconds
-Duration lowered to .75/1.5/2.25/3 seconds

-Made move type Foot (formerly Amphibious)
-Hopefully fixed Meta bonus damage bug
-Images now deal 25/35/45/55% damage (down 10% all levels)

-Added attack sound
-Crit at level 4 does 1.5 as advertized
-Made move type Amphibious

-Added attack sound

-Made move type Amphibious
-Removed Purge
-Split Shot is now an activated skill that fires 3 arrows at all levels but arrows only deal 20/30/40/50% of Medusa's damage
-Mana Shield is now a `4-level` base ability that blocks 50% of incoming damage with a .75/1.25/1.5/2 mana/HP ratio
-Ultimate is now Gaze
-She deals her full advertised damage

Faceless Void
-Time Stop now stuns for 3.5 seconds at all levels, with decreasing cooldown. Can use Refresher Orb again.
-Time Stop now affects buildings, and will graphically freeze the units in place

-Reduced movement speed from 300 to 290
-Attack type is now Instant (no graphic)
-`Re-did` Scattershot (Wikid)

-Reduced damage on ult from 50/75/100 to 40/55/85
-Reduced slow on Incapacitating Bite by 5% at all levels
-Reduced miss effect on Incapactitating bite from .15/.25/.35/.45 to .1/.15/.2/.25
-Increased Str/level from 2 to 2.5
-Gave Insatiable Hunger a new icon

-Reduced damage, cooldown, and mana cost on Heat Seeking Missile
-Adjusted the Rearm time to 3/2/1 seconds
-Replaced March of the Machines with Gattling Gun (Wikid)

-Fixed small time lapse between attack and Silence effect
-Infernals no longer affect buildings

-Got new graphics for hero

-Fixed learning hotkey on Living Armor

Bounty Hunter
-Received new icon
-Got Disarm as new ultimate

-Changed Heartstopper from a castable skill to an aura. Now drains 1% of their maximum life per second; AoE of 200/400/600/800
-Changed projectile graphic

Phantom Assassin
-Changed "Coup de Gras" to "Coup de Graƃ§e"
-Blink Strike `re-triggered` (thank you Wikidme)
-Modified -refresh a little

-Added a 75/100/140 mana cost to Guardian Angel
-Degen Aura reduced to 7/14/21/28% slow, but increased in area from 220 to 300.
-Purification no longer hits wards

-Increased mana cost of Arc Lightning by 15 at all levels
-Static Field no longer affects sleeping units
-Reduced Str/level from 2 to 1.4

-Fixed Dark Ritual learning hotkey

Vengeful Spirit
-Added duration of Terror into tooltip
-Replaced Terror with Disentangle

-Fixed Sprout bug/abuse and made it fully `multi-instancible` (thanks Wikid)

-Reworked Gush a little (Wikid, no gameplay effects)

-Added attack sound

-Lowered Str/level from 3.1 to 2.9

-`Re-triggered` Poison Nova. Should `multi-instance`, hit all units within range, and be less buggy overall. Downsides are that it will probably hit a little further than the graphics may indicate, and it no longer slows. (Wikid)

-Entirely reworked Visage. Removed Frenzy, Blink, and Mana Burn; replaced with Grave Chill, Soul Assumption, and Anonymous Dead. Revamped Progenerate Gargoyles a little; now called Raise Revenants. Revenants are the same as Gargoyles except that they have an Incinerate variant that lends 1/2/3 bonus damage per attack.

Queen of Pain
-Reduced attack range from 650 to 600
-`Re-skinned` Fan of Knives to Scream of Pain (no gameplay changes)

-Fixed tooltip (Cottontop)

Stealth Assassin
-Replaced Blink with Blink Strike
-Replaced Critical with Backstab
-Made Permanent Invisibility his ultimate
-Removed Death Ward
-Added Smoke Screen

-Can now attack Banished units, but has a longer cooldown on the attack

-Shield now reduced attack speed by 20% at all levels and gives 30/40/50/60% magic reduction

Ogre Magi
-`Multi-cast` reworked so that it reduces the cooldown of Fireblast by 3 seconds and Bloodlust by 5 seconds at each level.
-Lightning Shield replaced with Ignite, Multicast causes Ignite to deal damage in an area

Dragon Knight
-replaced Dragon Tail with Stone Form
-replaced Dragon's Blood with Roar

New Heroes:
-Sentinel: Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker, Tiny the Mountain Giant, Chen 2.0, Stealth Assassin 2.0, Azwraith the Phantom Lancer, Aiushtha the Enchantress, God of Wind
-Scourge: Darchrow the Enigma, Mogul Kahn the Axe, Nevermore the Shadow Fiend, Visage 2.0, Anub’seran the Nerubian Weaver, Strygwyr the Bloodseeker, Shadow Priest

Heroes that Received Significant changes:
-Visage, Chen, and SA got complete overhauls
-Dragon Knight: replaced Dragon Tail and Dragon Blood with Stone Form and Roar
-Medusa: Mana Shield now base skill that blocks 50% of incoming damage, Split Shot is now an activated skill that causes Medusa to deal less damage while firing multiple arrows, removed Purge, ultimate is now Gaze
-Ogre Magi: replaced Lightning Shield with Ignite, a damage over time slowing skill. Ultimate now reduces the cooldown on Bloodlust and Fireblast each level, and increases the area of Ignite.

New Recipes:
-Wraith Band: the “Agility” Null, that gives +6 to Agi and +3 to other stats.
-Bracer: the “Strength” Null, that gives +6 to Str and +3 to other stats.
-Hand of Midas: has active Transmute, allowing you to convert enemy units into pure gold.
-Blade Mail: gives armor and damage return against melee
-Guardian Mail: gives armor and magic resist
-Linken's Mirror Shield: gives magic resist and the chance to reflect a spell back on its caster
-Mekansm: combines the three “Nulls” and an orb for bonus stats. Gives a chance to become Invulnerable if attacked.
-Sange: gives %chance to Maim an opponent causing him or her to attack more slowly (orb).
-Yasha: increases attack and movement speed
-Sange and Yasha: combines the two previous items and their effects, giving boosts to them.
-Necromicon: summons 2 skellie warriors and 2 skellie archers

Major Changes in Old Items:
-Manta: now chargless with a completely new recipe/more expensive
-Satanic: now incorporates a Messer in place of Demon Edge
-Headdress of Regeneration: now has the ability to `self-heal` for 200 HP (100 mana cost)

Notable Bugs Fixed:
-`Double-sprout` bug
-Sand King lost Dust Trail, so no more `Sent-side` glitches
-`Perma-invis` bug on Broodmother

Other Major Things:
-New Terrain
-New consumable shop; Chimera Roost for Sent, Graveyard for Scourge
-Items bought in the consumables shops will fuse their charges so that only 1 slot is required per type of item.
-Items now have their icons in the shops
-Item recipes now include a description of what they do
-Tried to make it easier to learn the `Arrow-Orb` system
-Barracks have been made less important, other buildings more
-Capture the Flag mode

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