Monday, July 28, 2008

DOTA Changelog 5.79

I have seen many request for old change log.Hope this might help.

*Ultimate Orb cost increased back to to 2300 from 2000.
*Eye of Skadi cost increased back to 6950 from 6350.
*Monkey King Bar proc reduced to 95 damage from 110. Cost reduced to 5600 from 5650.
*Travel Boots cooldown increased to 65 seconds from 40 seconds.
*Observer Wards no longer have truesight.
*Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrades for Ogre Magi, Necrolyte, Keeper of the Light, and Doom Bringer.

Hero Changes:
*Buffed Ogre Magi's Lightning Shield and Fireblast.
*Buffed Sand King's Entrench, Burrowstrike, and Epicenter.
*Nerfed Static Field.
*Nerfed the range on Fiend's Grip.
*Lowered the damage and range on Overgrowth.
*Purge no longer decreases attack speed.
*Decreased the cooldown on Laser.
*Buffed Death Pulse.
*Increased mana cost on Double Edge.
*Changed Pugna's Morbid into a more useful ability.
*Removed Lion's ability to share mana with allies.
*Reduced the slow on Drow's cold arrows slightly.
*Reduced Pudge's strength.
*Buffed Ignis Fatuus.
*Increased the cost on Bone Fletcher's Death Pact.

Other Changes:
*Changed allpick mode so that -random gives a random hero from any team.
*Added -mirrormatch.

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