Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dota Auto Chess Boss - Neutral Creeps

Dota Auto Chess Creeps
During different rounds, an AUTOCHESS player will fight against Neutral Creeps.
The neutral creeps have a chance to drop items which your heroes can use.

Here are the list of the Creeps in DOTA AUTO CHESS

Round 1 - Radiant Creeps

Round 2 - Radiant Mega Creeps

Round 3 - Radiant Alpha Creeps

Round 10 - Golems

Round 15 - Wolves

Round 20 - Furbolgs

Round 25 - Wildkins

Round 30 - Lizards

Round 35 - Dragon

Round 40 - Trolls

Round 45 - Niancat

Round 50 - Rosh

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