Monday, August 24, 2015

Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void

Buy Starcraft 2 LOTV

As the Starcraft 2 trilogy set comes to a close, thousands of Starcraft 2 fans from around the world are set to buy Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void.

With eSports titles like Dota 2 overtaking Starcraft 2 in terms of audience numbers and prize pools, this is Blizzard's last attempt for SC2 to be relevant in eSports once again.

At 40 USD per copy, Starcraft 2 LOTV will be a stand-alone game. There's no need to buy the first 2 versions of Starcraft 2 in order to play SC2 LOTV.

SC2 Legacy of the Void tries to put more emphasis on the micro wars that Starcraft Brood War a standard in eSports for a long time while trying to retain a small following gained with the Starcraft 2 series.

Buy SC2 LOTV on Amazon
(40 USD)

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