Sunday, April 26, 2015

TI5 Qualifier Teams - Dota 2 Regionals 2015

The International 2015 Regional Qualifiers

With the following TI5 direct invites almost set in stone, these are the Dota 2 teams that will most likely fight for the TI5 regional qualifier slots.
Note: The list is not final but the finalized list will look more or less like this.

Europe Qualifiers:
1. Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden)
2. Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
3. Hellraisers (Russia)
4. Burden United (European Union)
5. Vega Squadron (Russia)
6. 4 Anchors + Sea Captain (Finland)
7. London Conspiracy (Greece)
8. PowerRangers (Belarus)
9.  Alliance (Sweden)
10. Yellow Submarine (Russia)

SEA Qualifiers:
1. Rave (Philippines)
2. MVP Phoenix (South Korea)
3. Mineski (Philippines)
4. Signature Trust (Thailand)
5. G Guard (Malaysia)
6. 5eva (Singapore)
7. TnC Gaming (Philippines)
8. MVP.Hot6ix (South Korea)
9. Can't Say Wips (Singapore)
10. Invasion (Malaysia)
China Qualifiers:
1.CDEC (China)
2. HGT (China)
3. EHOME (China)
4. Tongfu (China)
5. Old Boys (China)
6. Vici Gaming Potential (China)
7. Newbee Youth (China)
8. Tongfu Wanzhou (China)
9. Energy Pacemaker (China)
10. (China Open Winner)

1. Team Tinker (North America)
2. Complexity Gaming (United States)
3. Not Today (Peru)
4. Summer's Rift (United States)
5. Wheel Whreck While Whistling (United States)
6. Leviathan (United States)
7. Root Gaming (United States)
8. Boreal eSports (Canada)
9. North American Rejects (United States)
10.  (Americas Open Winner)

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