Sunday, August 17, 2014

BurNinG and rOtk retire from competitive Dota 2

DK BurNiNg and VG rOtk announce retirement

Shanghai, China - Zhilei Xu (BurNinG) from Team DK and Fan Bai (rOtk) from Vici Gaming have announced their retirement from professional Dota 2.

Zhilei Xu - BurNinG

Zhilei Xu - BurNinG:
"Today is an important day for me as I have decided to end my professional Dota career.

7 years of Dota with 6 years played professionally has led me through a lot of changes. I have been lucky to have played and get into the professional DotA scene - to gain prestige and achieve goal after goal. Dreams come true for a few, although there are still some things that I regret. Having a purpose is how you achieve something. Up until this point, all I wanted was to do my best and to have no regrets.

I have a lot of things to be thankful about. First, I would like to thank Dota. It enabled an introverted person like myself to show myself to the world. I want to say thank you to my teammates and opponents for I won't be where I stand today without you. I would also like to thank all my friends and fans who have supported me - your support gave me strength and your criticisms made me grow.

Today is the day that my professional Dota career ends and I hope that it's a comma rather than a full period. Although I have been dreading this day, the inevitable has finally come. When they asked me last year: "What's your youth?" My answer was: "my youth is Dota." Now that my youth is gone as I announce my retirement, these precious memories will always remain in my heart.

After retirement. I will still be around the professional Dota scene. I plan to stay with DK and help train the next generation of Dota 2 players by giving them advice based on my own experiences and methods. I will also be teaming up with rOtk as part of a caster duo and we'll be attending Dota 2 LAN events. Hope to have your support!"

DK BurNinG's signature hero was Anti-Mage:

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