Friday, June 20, 2014

Dota 2 TI4 Couriers

The International 2014 Immortal Couriers
Every International brings forth a new batch of Unusual Immortal couriers.

2014's immortal couriers are:

Mechjaw the Boxhound

"Between their experiments in transdimensional science, a pair of engineers in the facility atop the Violet Plateau designed a device to store and protect their most valuable valuables. Had those engineers not been eaten by indescribable horrors, they surely would have become rich!"


"Long-thwarted in their astrological studies, Octopi have since time immemorial sought to better understand the world around them and their place in the larger universe. The breakthrough came when a powerful piece of divine technology drifted down from the gods above, an anointed gift, that the secrets of the world be unlocked. Thus did Oculopus rise to prominence, the greatest underwater astronomer that the world had ever known."


"What strange beast is this? Why, it's Frull--faithful four- footed freighter of mercantile wares. She may be a beast but she's also a lady, and your goods are never a burden to her!"

Hwytty & Shhyzzrd

"We encountered unexpected delays!" the old rider croaked, but his words did nothing to lessen the curse-wife's displeasure. In an instant, the perpetually tardy partnership found itself vendor-swapped! Despite his many infirmities, the elder Hwytty must now strap on Shyzzyrd's saddlebags. And it's plain to see who wears the magic hat in this relationship!

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