Saturday, May 10, 2014

How To Activate The International Compendium

How To Use The Compendium - Dota 2

After purchasing the TI4 Compendium, you have the option to activate it on your Steam profile or to trade it to a friend.

To activate, just right click on the Compendium item in your Armory:

List of TI4 Dota 2 teams

The International Compendium 2014 Preview:


Frequently Asked Question:

If I activate the compendium now, will I get the rewards?
Answer: YES!


  1. hi i did activate my compendium exactley like your video and then i buy 9.99 $ the 2400 point booster that put me from the level 1 to the level 25 but the problem is that i didnt receive any think that steam is offering and confirming on the site like the match booster level up and the immortal treasure . I was like wtf ? have anyone get the same problem ???? and what is the solution ?

  2. Where i can get that point booster ? its already 3. achieved and i get nothing

  3. Me too,,i didnt get any reward from my level

  4. i bought compendium but its not in my armory...i have no idea what to do ...

  5. i brought but he not appears in my armory

  6. i bought compendium...aint got nothing...sthis is the 3rd day


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