Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heroes of the Storm - Blizzard Dota

Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard Entertainment
Heroes of the Storm is the release name for Blizzard's Dota game

With the huge success being enjoyed by Valve's free to play game, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to rebrand Blizzard All-Stars as a serious contender in the Lane Pushing Games category.

Heroes of the Storm features heroes from the Blizzard Universe

The characters for Heroes of the Storm will all come from the following franchises:
- Warcraft
- Starcraft
- Diablo

Heroes of the Storm Trailer:

What is a Lane Pushing Game?
Lane Pushing Games (LPG) is a fast growing genre of strategic games wherein waves of computer-controlled units for each team spawn and advance across the battlefield to destroy the opposing team's base.

In Heroes of the Storm, players will be using powerful units called Heroes to fight alongside these AI-controlled units to push into the enemy's base and destroy it.


  1. i dont think it will match dota 2 succes by a long shot,but well see


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