Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SteamOS and Dota 2

SteamOS - the future of gaming

Millions of Dota 2 players will be able to play Dota 2 on SteamOS.

Play Dota 2 on SteamOS - the future of gaming

SteamOS features:

Play Dota 2 and all your Steam games on your SteamOS machine
Just turn on your PC and run Steam and your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your television!

Watch Music, TV and Movies
You'll be able to watch all these thanks to your SteamOS.

Watch Dota 2 tournaments on your TV
Use your Steam machines and take advantage of the in-home streaming feature to organize Dota 2 pubstomps.

Family Sharing
This feature allows you to take turns playing one another’s games.
A family that plays Dota2 together, stays together.

Why install SteamOS?
- Enjoy the possibilities of playing with 50 million other people.
- AAA game titles like Dota 2 can be played on this operating system.
- Cloud storage
- Global software used in 185 countries and 25 languages
- Better graphics processing
- Reduced input lag
- Better audio performance
- Unlike Windows, it's FREE.

What is Steam OS?
Steam OS  is an free operating system built by Valve Corporation.
It's a Linux operating system built for a proper gaming experience on the big screen.

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