Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dota 2 on Mac OS System Requirements

System Requirements for Dota 2 on Mac OS X

Apple fans rejoice!
Dota 2 is set to take the number 1 spot in the MAC gaming community.

Dota 2 has started beta testing for the native Dota 2 Mac OS X client. The massively played free to play game will be joining a growing number of Steam games ported for Mac gamers.

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Dota 2 Mac Minimum System Requirements:

- Mac OS X Lion 10.7
- RAM - 4 GB
- Hard drive- 4 GB
* nVidia 320M or higher
* Radeon 7000 or higher
* Intel HD 3000 or higher

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Dota 2 is also available on Linux.


  1. Where can I get mac version or be part of the beta test version?
    I already play it on my pc but i would love to play it on mac too

    1. Download Steam for MAC. Then download DOTA 2 Test (instead of Dota 2)


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