Monday, December 17, 2012

Interview with Lorenzo Bellincampi - Dota 2 Speed Modeller

Dota 2 Speed Modelling by PixelSapiens

Valve has been encouraging 3D modelers to submit their item models to the Steam Workshop. Once a cosmetic item has been approved for the game, the creator receives a cut in the sales every time someone buys their item from the Dota 2 Store.

Speed Modelling Dota 2's Battlefury:

To give more insight into this part of the Dota 2 community, we interviewed Italian Dota 2 player and 3D modeler, Lorenzo Bellincampi.

1) Hello Lorenzo. Can you introduce yourself to the Dota community.

Hi everyone! I'm a 25 years old computer scientist, I live in Rome, Italy, and I always had a great passion for video gaming. That led me to my current job, the Shard Workshop project, in which I develop videogames and audiogames (videogames designed to be played by blind people), taking care of design, graphic, programming, soundtrack composing, etc.

2) How did you start getting into 3D modelling?

I was about 10 years old when I had the chance to put my hands on a 3d modeling package, and I always liked experimenting, so year after year I managed to get better and better by myself. That's how I like to learn: by experimenting!

3) What software do you use to make your creations? And on average, how long does it take to get a finished product?

The main software is 3d Studio Max, by Autodesk, I happen to use Pixologic ZBrush for the organic modelling.

About the time, it really really depends on what you're working on: for the Dota 2 speed modellings it was something like half an hour for the modelling part plus an hour for the rest (texturing, lighting, the scene, etc.), but for more complex works like my short films ( is a good example), between modelling, directing, soundtrack, etc. it can take months, especially if you count rendering time!

4) Tell us how you got started playing Dota.

My first "Dota game" was Demigod, by Gas Powered Games, and I'm still in love with the art and music style of that game. Unfortunately there was not a large community, and without much support from the developer I started playing Defense of the Ancients, the Warcraft 3 mod.

I played the original Dota for a handful of months before I managed to get a Dota 2 beta key, and here I am, having great fun and always trying to get better .

5) What are your favorite heroes? And why do you like playing him / her?

In my "team", I'm the versatile one, so you can find me more or less everywhere on the battlefield, but recently I have played a lot of initiators. The reason behind "being everywhere" is that I really like playing every hero.

Recently, I've been playing a lot of Undying and doing pretty well but I bet I'll probably have another signature hero when I'll have mastered him.

6) Should we expect to see Steam Workshop submissions from you in the near future?

There's actually a strong possibility. The main thing that is currently holding me, besides my job, is the fact that I'm looking for THE idea, an original one that would create a really cool item.

7) Give your shoutouts.

Well first of all thanks to Neutral Creeps for this opportunity and to the Dota 2 community for supporting me.
What else? Play more Dota 2!
GLHF Everyone!

To view more of Lorenzo's work, you can go to: - Lorenzo's personal website
Shard Workshop - Audio gaming project
Lorenzo Bellincampi's YouTube - Don't forget to subscribe!


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