Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dota 2 Championship Rings

Dota 2 - The International Awards

As the largest event in competitive gaming, Dota 2's The International rewards the top Dota 2 teams generously. All teams from around the world are brought together in one place and Valve sponsors airfare and accommodations. Teams do not have to spend a single cent if they are invited to The International.

For The International 2012 (2nd International), teams will be fighting for the following:

1) Prize Money
1st - 1 million US Dollars
2nd - 250 000 US Dollars
3rd - 150 000 US Dollars
4th - 80 000 US Dollars
5th - 35 000 US Dollars
6th - 35 000 US Dollars
7th - 25 000 US Dollars
8th - 25 000 US Dollars

2) Dota 2 Championship Rings

Each of the 5 members of the championship team gets a Dota 2 ring.

3) Team Engraved in The Aegis Trophy

The team and it's members get immortalized at the back of the Aegis trophy.

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