Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chinese Dota 2 Team enters The International 2

DK invited to the 2nd International Dota 2 Tournament

Qujing, China - The DK E-Sports Club from Qujing has been invited by Valve Corporation to the 2nd International Dota 2 tournament to be held in Seattle, Washington this year (2012).

The first Dota 2 team invited to The International II

The Chinese Dota 2 team received their invites while competing in the Gigabyte Dota Masters tournament for the Asia / Oceania region.

Dota 2 invites from Gabe Newell and Valve Corporation

Quick Question and Answer with DK:
1) What was your team's reaction after receiving the invites?
We're very happy even though it wasn't unexpected. But as the 1st team to be invited, we feel quite honored.

2) Will DK be joining with the current DotA line-up or will a new Dota 2 roster be formed?
We will be participating with our current roster. There will be no changes.

3) What are your thoughts on the competition?
As of the moment, there is still a gap between our team and the current top international Dota 2 teams. We will be very serious in our training in order to close that gap.

4) How will you distribute your training time between Dota and Dota 2?
We will be training hard for the next 3 months in Dota 2. As for DotA 1, we will do last minute training before a match.

5) Will DK be migrating to Dota 2 once it is released?
We will need to see the situation.

6) European team, Na`Vi, dominated the 1st International. At the upcoming competition in Seattle, is there a possibility that Na`Vi will drop down from the top position?
I believe there will be. I believe this competition will be very extreme.

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