Friday, February 17, 2012

Draconis HoN Guide

Heroes of Newerth - Draconis Hero Guide
This is a HoN hero guide for Draconis.

HoN name: Draconis
Dota 2 hero equivalent: None
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Attribute: Agility
Alternate Avatars: Hydraxis

This is Draconis!

HoN Lore - Draconis:
The ancient guardian arose, stirred from his centuries of slumber by the cries of help from its creator the Worldtree. He slowly shook the treasure loose from his scales and took flight The Demons would soon find that even they could burn in the flames of Draconis, the Great Wyrm.
Draconis HoN Hero Video Guide:

HoN Draconis Skills Guide

Draconis Skill 1: Dragonflame (Q)

Draconis Skill 2: Blazing Flight (W)

Draconis Skill 3: Fiery Barrage (E)

Draconis Skill 4: Cataclysmic Assault (R)

HoN Draconis Strategy Guide

Draconis Skill Build

Help build this Draconis guide.
What is your suggested Berzerker Item and Hero Build?


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