Monday, January 2, 2012

Artesia HoN Guide

Heroes of Newerth - Artesia Hero Guide
This is a HoN hero guide for Artesia.

HoN name: Artesia
Dota 2 hero equivalent: None
Affiliation: Hellbourne
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Alternate Avatars:

This is Artesia!

HoN Lore - Artesia:
There was once a sorcerer and sorceress, kindreds spirits that would not be separated by mortal means, and so the fates would dictate that the immortal hand of death would grasp for one and leave the other be. Her lover gone, she remains lost in reverie, forever haunted yet blessed with his presence, yearning to reach into the very depths of hell to retrieve his soul.
Artesia HoN Hero Video Guide:

HoN Artesia Skills Guide

Artesia Skill 1: Arcane Bolts (Q)

Artesia Skill 2: Magic Missile (W)

Artesia Skill 3: Dance of Death (E)

Artesia Skill 4: Essence Projection(R)

HoN Artesia Strategy Guide

Artesia Skill Build

Help build this Artesia guide.
What is your suggested Artesia Item and Hero Build?


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  1. Very cool hero, too bad its a typical $2 hero if you know what i mean


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