Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shadowblade HoN Guide

Heroes of Newerth - Shadowblade Hero Guide
This is a HoN hero guide for Shadowblade.

HoN name: Shadowblade
Dota 2 hero equivalent: None
Affiliation: Hellbourne
Primary Attribute:
Alternate Avatars:

This is Shadowblade!

HoN Lore - Shadowblade:
Only whispered of by those who dare to speak its name aloud. A blade forged by the daemons themselves in the pits of the abyss and tempered in the still-beating hearts of their enemies. Its tainted magic ensured that no one slain by the blade will ever find refuge in the light of Sol or the branches of the Tree of Life. Instead they will find themselves forever bound within its cold metal prison and giving shape to its infernal form. It is the Shadowblade, drinker of souls.
Shadowblade HoN Hero Video Guide:

HoN Shadowblade Skills Guide

Shadowblade Skill 1: Gargantuan's Blast (Q)
Summons the Gargantuan to wield the sword.

Shadowblade Skill 2: Feint's Siphon (W)
Summons Feint to wield the sword.

Shadowblade Skill 3: Soul's Sight (E)
Summons Soul to wield the sword.

Shadowblade Skill 4: Essence Shift(R)
Copy target's primary attribute

HoN Shadowblade Strategy Guide

Shadowblade Skill Build

Help build this Shadow blade guide.
What is your suggested Shadowblade Item and Hero Build?


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Shadowblade was inspired by Alex Cook's CAD hero contest entry.

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