Thursday, December 22, 2011

How To Get a Korean Starcraft 2 Account

How To Get a Starcraft 2 Korean Account

This guide will teach you how to get a Korean Starcraft 2 account.

The Korean / Taiwanese ladder has the toughest Starcraft 2 ladder in the world. The world's best Starcraft 2 players train on the Korean ladder. This is the reason why a lot of serious Starcraft 2 players would like to obtain a Korean SC2 account.

It used to be extremely hard to get a Korean Starcraft 2 account since a person is required to have a Korean Social Security Number in order to buy a Korean Starcraft 2 account. But thanks to the merging of the Taiwanese and Korean Starcraft 2 servers in early 2011, any foreigner can now play on the Korean ladder by buying a Taiwanese Starcraft 2 account.

Steps in Buying a Korean Starcraft 2 Account:
1. Purchase from a reputable online Korean Starcraft 2 seller like
* Read RTSDealer's tips if you want to buy a Korean Starcraft 2 account.

2. Download and install the Starcraft 2 Taiwan installer.
* Read RTSDealer's guide on how to install the Korean Starcraft 2 client.

3. Log in from your brand new Taiwanese account and play on the Korean ladder.

Got any questions?
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You can also contact the RTSDealer via:
Team Liquid

Note: sells Korean Starcraft 2 CD Keys / accounts for 60 USD.

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